Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spongebob Nail Art

Here's my first nail art post on my blog! I love creating nail art. I started in April 2013 and got really into it for a couple of months, then I moved to Australia and didn't have as much time. However, now I'm back at it again and I love it. I have tons of nail art on my Instagram so follow me there @elaine210792

An IG friend and I decided to do something that's called "Bestie Twin Nails" it's where two people do the same or similar nail art together! It's super fun to do and it really challenges me. We decided to create spongebob nail art.

I'm not sure who this design is originally by, I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.

Alongside the nail art post I wanted to also include a tutorial. Like I said, I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest and I'm obviously not sure how they created it, but this is how I did it!

Base coat - Revlon Multi Care Base + Top Coat
White - OPI Alpine Snow
Light Blue - Own Made Nail Polish
Light Pink - OPI Pink Friday
Yellow - OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana
Dark Pink - Kester Black 4EVA
Blue - OPI No Room For The Blues
Green - Essie Navigate Her
Red - Ulta3 Watermelon
Brown - Mecca Cosmetica Maria 
Top Coat - Seche Vite
Barry M Nail Art Pen
Dotting tool
Nail Art Brush

Step 1: Apply a base coat, when that dries apply two coats of white on every nail but your right finger. Apply two coats of a blue sparkly nail polish on your ring finger. Let dry.

Step 2: Use a light pink polish to create Patricks shade. I just brushed the pink on like I would normally apply any colour, but left a white gap near my cuticles and the sides of the nail. Use a yellow polish to add Spongebob. Same as with Patrick leave a white gap near the cuticle, but go all the way to the edges of the nail.

Step 3: Use a nail art pen or small brush to create the design of the burger. I started off with the top of the burger, then drew the salad leaf, then the patty and then the bottom burger bun.

Step 4: Use a darker pink nail polish and a small brush to outline Patrick. Add three dots on the top op Spongebobs head to create the sponge look. Use a black nail art pen to create a mouth for patrick and outline the Spongebobs head.

Step 5: Use a dotting tool and white nail polish to add large eyes for Spongebob and Patrick. Use a black nail art pen to create Spongebobs mouth. Patrick is now done.

Step 6: Use a small brush to outline the eyes using black. Use a black nail art pen to add Patricks pupils and eye brows. Use a medium brush to draw a pink coral on the ring finger. To get full opacity I applied to layers of the pink polish

Step 7: Using a medium dotting tool and blue nail polish to add spongebob's eyes. When that dries add black pupils and his nose. Use a green nail polish to apply the sponge holes. Use a red polish and a small nail art brush to apply Spongebob's cheeks. Spongebob is now done. Use a green polish and a large dotting tool to add Gary's eyes. Use a nail art brush and blue polish to create lines connecting to Gary's eyes.

Step 8: Use a dotting tool and brown nail polish to colour in the burger bun. Use green to dot in the salad and red or a browny colour to colour in the patty. The patty is now done.

Step 9: Use a yellow polish and a brush to add the other coral. I used two coats to get this fully opaque. Use a small brush with black nail polish to outline Gary's eyes. Use a red dotting tool to add Gary's eyes and a black tiny dotting tool to add his pupils.


Wait at least half an hour before adding a top coat to avoid smudging.

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