Monday, 14 April 2014

ABC Challenge: A

I have been following Reach For The Polish for a long time and was inspired by her ABC challenge, so I decided to start my own!  I started it on my instagram already, so I've got a little catching up to do! For the challenge you choose a nail polish starting with the letter of the alphabet, for example E for Elephantastic Pink. You first swatch it and then create nail art using that nail polish!

OPI Alpine Snow
A is for Alpine Snow by OPI. Finding the perfect white is incredibly difficult, they're all streaky and need at least three coats to get even. Although Alpine Snow isn't the perfect white, it's better than anything I've tried so far. With two very careful coats, you can get full opacity. Usually on my left hand I'll apply two coats, but on my right hand I'll need three.

It's a gorgeous clean white. I don't usually just wear white nail polish on it's own because I'm way too tempted to add nail art, but it looks stunning on it's own! Especially in the summer.

OPI Alpine Snow, Kester Black Papaya, Paradise Punch, Dragon Fruit
I decided to create a neon gradient with white stripes. This is probably one of the easiest styles of nail art to create... if you can find the right sponge. I bought my sponges from Primark. I believe they were £2 for a pack of 20? I'm not sure, I bought them over a year ago! Anyway I first added some nail striping tape to my nails in different directions. After that I sponged Kester Blacks' Papaya, Paradise Punch and Dragonfruit onto the sponge and dabbed it onto my nail. I used three coats of the dabbing to get the full neon effect.

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