Tuesday, 29 April 2014

OPI Push & Shove

OPI Push and Shove came out with the Gwen Stefani Collection this year. It was a great collection with lots of unique finishes, very different from any other collection that has come out. I was only really interested in Push and Shove because it was a chrome finish unlike any chrome finish that's come out so far. It's a bit controversial because it's advertised for one night only, meaning it chips super fast, and it's recommended to wear without a top coat as that could dampen the effect.

I was super excited to test it out, see what this nail polish was all about..

You start off with using a special base coat that comes with the polish. It's called Lay Down That Base. It's a bit of a weird base coat. It didn't layer over my nail treatment - it went a bit patchy and just horrible! So definitely apply the base coat over your bare nails. It was still a strange base coat though, it wasn't shiny when it dried and didn't feel very smooth...

Anyway I just went ahead and applied the chrome nail polish. It's super opaque with just one coat, but OPI recommends two coats so that's exactly what I'll do! Apply the first coat with one very gentle stroke. If you go back over the nail polish it easily creates bald patches and looks so horrible you'll have to start all over again. Luckily OPI has a thick brush, so if you push down on the brush slightly it should cover your whole nail.

When you apply the nail polish it doesn't look very mirror-like, but as it dries it becomes more and more shiny and reflective. By the time the first coat dries, add the second coat. Again do it in one gentle stroke to cover your whole nail.

The final result it stunning. It's the most mirror-like chrome nail polish I've ever seen. I couldn't stop staring at my nails! Let's be honest though, I can never stop staring at new nail polish, but this made me stare even more than normal!

The controversial part is how long the nail polish lasts. It chips super fast. I took these photos after only a few hours of wear and you can already see the nail polish is slightly scratched.  I applied it in the morning and by the evening it was pretty chipped. I didn't add a top coat as it OPI says it gets rid of the shine, however other bloggers have said it makes no difference to the appearance but does make it last longer. I'll have to give it a try! I don't mind nail polish chipping on me because usually I only wear nail polish for 1 day, but I'd rather it not chip within those 24 hours.

All in all it's fantastic and since I've bought it I've worn it quite a few times. The chipping isn't going to stop me from wearing it! It's super unique and the formula is super easy to work with. I'm 100% impressed.

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