Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Kester Black Architecture in Helsinki 1

Kester Black is my favourite brand (tied with OPI). The unique thing about Kester Black nail polishes is that they're 100% Australian made! Not only that but they are also 5 free, cruelty free and vegan. All in all an amazing brand. They retail for $17 each and are definitely worth the price. All the polishes I have tried - I own 16 - are extremely opaque and have great colour pay off.

In this post I will be discussing the first new limited addition polishes for Architecture In Helsinki. This collection contains two nail polishes: NOW and 4EVA, the title of Architecture In Helsinki's new cd. They're an Australian indie pop band, and the only band my boyfriend and I BOTH like. That doesn't happen too often!

NOW is a vibrant medium sky blue. It's such a beautiful colour and very unique in my collection. The only similar looking colour I own is OPI No Room For The Blues but that's a little darker and much more muted true blue, whereas NOW leans more towards cyan. The photo doesn't show the difference is colour as well as I'd like.

The new Kester Black nail polishes have a new type of brush. It's a thick flat brush so it makes application very easy. For the swatch to the right I used two coats. As I applied the first coat I noticed quite a bit of streakiness, but as it dried that evened out nicely. With careful application you can easily get away with applying one coat, I decided to add a second coat anyway. The result is beautiful, I took the photo when the nail polish was completely dry and didn't use a top coat. You can see how shiny it is!!

I would say this is more of a spring/summer colour and seeing as it's autumn in Australia right now I won't wear it as often. That being said, I am super excited about this colour and because of the easily application it'll be a great colour for my travels!

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