Thursday, 13 August 2015

Morgan Taylor Hello Pretty Collection Swatches, Review, Nail Art

Today I have swatches of the Morgan Taylor Hello Pretty Collection. These are my first ever Morgan Taylor polishes and they definitely didn't disappoint. This is a random story, but I am very very picky with nail polish bottles and I won't buy any nail polish from a brand if I don't like the bottles. I don't like the Morgan Taylor bottles. They're so big and chunky and take up so much unnecessary space! I couldn't resist these minis though..

The two reasons I picked up these is 1. it's a collection about Japan and Tokyo and I LOVE Tokyo. 2. @nailtalk on Instagram posted the most beautiful swatches of these.

Like always, check out my YouTube or LIVE SWATCHES!!

First up is Manga-round With Me.

This is the only one where I really really really struggled to capture it accurately. I failed. I have another photo below which is the same polish, but completely different. Imagine these colours mushed together.

It's a very very neon coral. And it's stunning. I actually wanted to swatch these polishes about a week ago and I started off with this one and didn't take it off.... lol

Anyway! This is a stunning warm pink coral neon. I used 2 coats for the swatch. The first coat is a little streaky and you can see a visible nail line, but the second coat completely covers it up. It dries with a matte finish so I would recommend a top coat.

Next up is Pop-arazzi Pose.

This is a much darker cooler toned neon pink. It's almost red.

I used 2 coats for the swatch, The first coat is a little sheer but the second coat covers everything up completely as well as darken the colour.

This dries so incredibly quick that when I apply the polish to my ring finger my index finger is almost fully dry. You'll be able to see this during my live swatches.

Again this dries to a matte finish so I would recommend a topcoat.

Next up is Look At You, Pink-achu.

I was least excited about this one. In the bottle it looked like every other pale pink that exists.. I was totally wrong.

This is so incredibly bright it's like a bleached neon effect. And also the name is super cute.

This had a fantastic formula. It was also fully opaque on 1 coat with careful application. There was still a bit of unevenness so I did need a second coat.

It dries to a matte finish so I would recommend a topcoat.

The last polish is the whole reason I wanted the set... this is Tokyo รก Go Go. Looooook at how pretty!!

This is a warm toned almost fuchsia purple. And best of all.. this is ONE coat.

Again it dries to a matte finish so I would recommend a topcoat!

Those are the swatches of the Candy Cuties. I loved all 4 of these colours and they all had a great formula. I think what made the application so easy is that even these minis came with a flat wide brush rather than a tiny skinny brush which is much harder to work with.

Now onto the nail art!

I created this aztec Hawaiian design using the 4 minis for the gradient!

I have a tutorial on how to create this design, both the gradient palm trees and the aztec design on my youtube channel so make sure to check it out!

Click here!! 

xx Elaine

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