Wednesday, 19 August 2015

'Ard As Nails Swatch & Review

Today I have swatches of the brand new indie nail polish line called 'Ard As Nails. This is created by the brand Soap Dodger and they've recently expanded into nail polish! Soap Dodgers is a family run company set up in 2013 specialising in bath and body products. Earlier this year they also expanded into home fragrances. All their products follow the UK and EU regulations, they're not tested on animals and contain no harsh ingredients. Most products can be used for people with sensitive skin. Their nail polish line is the same. It's 5 free and cruelty free. The nail polishes cost £5.50 each for a 15ml bottle. At the moment they have an introductory offer where you buy 4 nail polishes for £18 and pay no postage.

I received 4 nail polishes to swatch. 2 cremes, 1 jelly and a holo.

The polishes come in a square bottle and the cap is removable for easy grip and application.

As always, I have LIVE SWATCHES of these on my YouTube channel!

First up is Dolly's Day.

This is a pink coral creme polish. It's very bright, definitely not neon but still very very bright.

This photographed slightly darker than it is in person - my camera has issues with pinky corals....

The application was incredibly easy.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

It was almost fully opaque on 1 coat, but it had very slight unevenness and it did need a second coat.

It dried quickly and very glossy.

Next up is Crime Scene.

Is this not the most perfect Autumn red ever?!

Crime Scene is a jelly polish, meaning it's very sheer and build able. Below I will show some photos of how 1 and 2 coats compares to the colour in the bottle.

This is such a deep gorgeous rich red. I think Crime Scene is an excellent name because it looks like blood. To me it reminds me of a glass of Merlot!

I used 3 coats for the swatch.

The application was very even, and if you like the sheer look you could definitely do fewer coats.

I reckon if I added 1 more coat it would be as dark as in the bottle

It dries super super glossy. It's touch dry pretty quick, but it's still dentable.

The formula was a little bit thinner than the other polishes because it's a jelly. In the live swatches you'll see I had a bit too much on my index finger and I had to brush some off. Once you're aware of the thinner formula it's very easy to work with.

1 coat

2 coats

Next up is this holographic tester polish. It's still in the testing phase so it doesn't have an official name.

This is a beautiful raspberry red with a linear holographic effect.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

There is a very slight visible nail line, but it's not very apparent in person.

The first coat was on the sheer side, but the second coat deepened the colour and covered up my nail line.

The macro shot is in direct sunlight. It's so gorgeous!!

The last polish I received to review is Sharona.

This is a beige nude and it's so beautiful!! I used to love pinky nudes, but I feel like these beige ivory type nudes are just so elegant, chic and sophisticated.

This had the most amazing formula.

It was almost fully opaque in just 1 coat!!

If you're in a rush you could definitely get away with just 1 coat, but I applied 2 for the swatch as I had very slight unevenness.

Again it dries to a glossy finish so no topcoat needed.

I'm so impressed with this new line of nail polishes by 'Ard As Nails. The cremes are super creamy and opaque and easy to work with. The jelly, Crime Scene, is probably my favourite, together with Sharona. But it's honestly so hard to choose!

Check out Soap Dodger's website for all their products and check out 'Ard As Nails on Instagram for more swatches!

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