Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Owl Nails - Born Pretty Store Nail Art Liner Brush #18519

This month I am taking part in a monthly nail art challenge! I am intending to post all of the nail art on my blog, but it's been a little crazy lately so I haven't had the time! If you want to see the rest of the nail art from this month check out my Instagram or YouTube as everything is posted there already!

Anyway, for the 22nd of August the challenge was birds. The only birds I can draw are the V shaped ones flying.... so I decided to go for owl nails. An owl is a bird right?! Pretty much the same thing..... ;) 

This design is inspired by (copied from) @fun.nails.love on Instagram.

For this design I used a super small detail brush from Born Pretty Store

They sent me a few items for review as this was one of them. The brush is called the Nail Art Liner Brush. Click here to find the brush! The product number is 18519. You can use my code ELAIQ10 for 10% off your order!

It has a transparant crystal handle, making it look very fancy. It has the thinest brush I've ever seen. I have been really into detailed nail art since I started doing my nails but I never had the right products to make it look good. This brush is amazing. I used it with acrylic paint as well as nail polish. 

The following pictures are all screenshots from my YouTube tutorial, check out the video here!

I started off with a white base and I used acrylic paint to draw the outline of the owl. I used acrylic paint instead of nail polish because nail polish is very thick and dries very quickly. This makes it difficult to paint. Acrylic paint is much thinner and a little goes much longer. It's also easy to wipe off if you've made a mistake. 

Next I used a dotting tool and coloured the owl in. I used a dotting tool because it's a larger surface area so fills in the space quicker than a brush, but at the same time it's small enough to be precise. 

Next I added some random dot's around the owl in blue and green. 

I used a smaller dotting tool for this for smaller dots. 

Next I went into more detail of the owl. I added the white of the eyes with a dotting tool and added the pupils using the detail brush from Born Pretty Store. I also added a little beak and legs using the same brush. 

I added wings using the small dotting tool. 

Once everything is dry, apply a topcoat. 

Acrylic paint does take a little longer to dry than nail polish so be careful when you apply it to not drag the design. 

That's it! 

I really love this brush, it created such fine lines. It depends on how much product you add to the brush and how much pressure you apply when drawing for the thickness of the lines. The outline of the hour is a little thicker, whereas the legs and feet are very fine lines. 

Cleaning the brush was very easy too. For the acrylic paint you can just wash it in some water and for the nail polish I used nail polish remover without damaging the brush. 

Check out Born Pretty store for all their nail art items, they have LOADS! You can find the brush here! And don't forget to use my 10% off code ELAIQ10! 

xx Elaine 


  1. Wow, really cute and adorable! Love it soooooo much!^^