Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Abstract Nail Art

I decided to set my own challenge this month: go through all my nail art screenshots on my phone and recreate them. I recreated two abstract designs by @trendypolish, I love all her designs but these two really stood out to me.

One of the things I love about @trendypolish is that she does amazing nail art but it's all very simple and easy to recreate.

This first one is a very simple abstract zigzag design. I used Alpine Snow as a white base for the two accent nails, and H&M Serenity Now for the blue. I love that polish, it's a gorgeous royal blue jelly that's opaque in 3 coats. It's also super glossy. I used my Barry M nail art pen in black to draw the zigzags. So cute!

The second design is very similar. I used Kester Black Tutti Frutti for the purple, it's an amazing formula and opaque in 2 coats. I used Alpine Snow by OPI for the white and my Barry M nail art pen for the zigzags.

I really like the nail art pen, but I'd love to have one with an even thinner tip. If I want thinner lines I usually just end up using a nail art brush, but the pen is so convenient and easy to use.

What do you think of these designs? Check out @trendypolish on Instagram for more great ideas!

xx Elaine

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