Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nautical Nails

Last month I decided to take part in two monthly nail art challenges and it was a bit much and unfortunately, although I did my best, I couldn't finish them. This month I decided to do things a little differently and instead of doing an official monthly challenge I'm doing my own!

I have about 3459837 screenshot on my phone of different nail art I have wanted to do, but for some reason never had the chance to do them! I'm going to go through all the nail art screen shots and recreate them.

These gorgeous nautical nail are inspired by @annkristin0 on instagram, she's one of my favourite instagrammers, she's so sweet and even though she has 11K followers still takes the time to comment on other peoples photos and reply to questions. Her nail art is absolutely beautiful and I love all her comparison posts. If you're not following her I definitely recommend checking her out!

Anyway, she created these nails quite a while ago and I fell in love with them. It's a whole different take on traditional nautical nails.

I used Essie Urban Jungle and Penny Talk as well as Kester Black NOW and Cotton On Body Candy Floss. I used a dotting tool for my index finger and the circle of the anchor as well as nail striping tape for my middle finger and pinky and a small nail art brush for the anchor.

It's my first time drawing an anchor so it was a bit tricky, but I'm really happy with the outcome.

What do you think of these nails? Is my recreation close to the original?

xx Elaine

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