Thursday, 24 July 2014

China Glaze City Flourish Collection Swatches

When the China Glaze Spring 2014 City Flourish collection was released I NEEDED every colour. I held off buying them for a long time and ended up only buying three of them (a 4th is on the way though..). I purchased Petal to the Metal, Grass is Lime Greener and Peonies and Park Avenue.

The formula on these isn't so great, I have read a lot of review about them so I kind of knew what to expect...

First up is Petal to the Metal. This is three coats and no top coat. The formula was a little streaky, but if you're careful it isn't too bad. I found that you can't really brush over the same place twice or else you will get bald spots.

This is a gorgeous colour and I instantly put this on my toes. The camera couldn't quite pick up the neon effect, it's definitely brighter in real life!

All these colours dry to a matte finish, but of course you can easily add a topcoat to get a beautiful shine.

The second colour is Grass Is Lime Greener. I am so in love with this colour!! It's a super bright pastel green.

I applied three coats for the swatch, but it could have probably done with a fourth coat, it's still a little uneven, but looked good enough for the photos!

Although it's a pain to have to do 4 coats of a polish, with neons I don't mind as much because they dry so quickly, it doesn't take long. Obviously I still prefer one coaters...

This colour is so unique though and I don't own anything close to it. That being said I think it's also a very wearable colour for the summer, it's bright and in your face and a different twist on ordinary neons.

The third colour is Peonies and Park Ave. This is probably the least unique colour in the collection, it's a bright hot pink. That being said, this is brighter and more neon than any other hot pink I own and that's the reason I bought it.

I applied three coats for the swatch, but this one definitely had the easiest formula.

I also ordered At Vase Value online so I'll receive that over the next couple of days.

What do you think of the City Flourish collection?
xx Elaine