Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DIY Peel Off Base Coat

I have never been a huge fan of glitter and that's because it's such a pain to take off! When OPI brought out their peel off base coast I immediately wanted it. Unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere in Australia, and being back in the UK it was still tricky. I finally managed to find it online and it cost £16.95! That's a little pricey... so I decided to look into making it myself. I had heard a lot about it, but never really thought about trying it. I recently starting getting back into glitter polishes and want to wear them, without having to worry about taking them off!

I had an almost empty Seche Vite bottle laying around so I emptied and cleaned it. I poured out any remaining product and added a bit of nail polish remover and slowly moved it around the bottle. I did this about three times and then filled it up with hot water. This got rid of any remaining product and nail polish remover. I cleaned the brush with acetone and used a little nail art brush to clean the inside of the lid.

I then poured in some modpodge, which is basically watered down elmers glue. That's it! Super easy, and I already had everything in my house so free!

Now let's see how it works...

I applied one coat of the polish on all 4 nails. It applies like a very streaky white polish, as you can tell from my pinky in the top photo, but dries completely clear, as though I'm not wearing anything (bottom photo). It only takes a couple minutes to dry.

I then applied two coats of Gloucester Walk, a super dense chunky mixed glitter. I'd literally never dare wear anything like this.. It's a mix of smaller golden glitters and larger copper glitters (see close up below). It's a very reflective polish, so for the macro shots it looks like there are black glitters in it, that's just the reflection of my camera.

The nail polish applied really smoothly for such a densely packed glitter and only required 2 coats to be fully 100% opaque.

I waited about 2 hours before removing the nail polish. This gave the modpodge time to completely dry. I used my finger nail to slowly start pushing the nail polish off from the bottom of my nail. You can also use a cuticle pusher. Once it lifted, you can pull the nail polish off. There were a couple little bits of glitter than didn't come off the first go, but I just pushed those off once the majority was pulled off.

It was so easy and it makes me excited to start wearing glitter polish again! The photo to the right is right after I took the polish off, before washing my hands. My nails don't look damaged at all!

Will you be making your own peel off base coat?
xx Elaine

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