Monday, 7 July 2014

The Nail and Beauty Link Haul & Swatches

I recently purchased some nail polish from The Nail & Beauty Link, which is a discount website that sells nail polishes as well as other beauty supplies. Although they aren't the most discounted website, the thing I like about it is that everything can be found in one place: China Glaze, Color Club, Essie, OPI, Zoya and much more. I ordered 4 nail polishes as well as a few gifts. I ordered my very first Zoya, 2 OPI's and an Essie. They are actually discontinuing their Essie stock as it hasn't been very popular so if you're looking for any specific Essie's do check it out!

First up is Zoya Carey. I love the Zoya bottles! They're so cute and although they contain the same amount of product as OPI nail polishes (15ml) they look much smaller. I want to buy more Zoya's just for the bottles... is anyone else like that?

Carey is a beautiful grey polish that has some hints of blue. In some lights it looks grey, others more blue toned and sometimes even purple. I love these types of colours.

The formula was amazing and definitely makes me want to try more Zoyas. The coverage was amazing as it was nearly opaque in one coat. I added a second coat to cover up any streaks. It was such a smooth formula and was a dream to apply.

The second nail polish is Essie Romper Room, this is part of the 2014 Hide and go Chic spring collection. It's a beautiful pale pink. I love these types of colours and just can't get enough of them. It's slightly more pink than in the photo and reminds me a bit of Essie Fiji. I haven't done a comparison yet.

The formula was pretty smooth but still required three coats to cover all the streaks. It's very opaque and was easy to work with.

The last two nail polishes are both from OPI's new Coca Cola Collection. First up is You're So Vain-illa, obviously inspired by Vanilla coke which I LOVE! This colour actually surprised me, I wasn't sure whether I would love this colour but wanted to try it out anyway..... I really like it! Although the photo is colour accurate, it doesn't do the nail polish justice and it looks much more flattering in real life. If you're on the fence about the colour I definitely suggest trying it out. It's quite similar to My Vampire Is Buff also by OPI, but again I haven't compared them yet.

The application of this was very smooth and I only needed 2 coats for full opacity. I love it.

The final colour is Sorry I'm Fizzy Today. I really like all the names from this collection! This is a coral peach pink colour that's unique in my collection (I think...).

The application was pretty streaky though and it required three coats to even everything out. Other than that I really love the colour and it's beautiful for the summer!

I'm really happy with my order from The Nail & Beauty Link, the nail polishes are discounted, the shipping was very cheap and quick and it was packed very nicely with a load of bubble wrap. I'm sure I'll be placing another order soon seeing as I have just fallen in love with a whole new brand!