Saturday, 11 July 2015

Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Holographic Swatches

Recently I have been obsessed with anything holographic, so I finally bought the Color Club Halo Hues. This is the collection that came out in 2013 and it's amazing.

It consists of 6 darker darker linear holographic polishes.

This post is going to have more photos than writing because I don't want to keep repeating myself.

Each swatch has 2 coats plus topcoat. The formula on all of them was amazing. Some holos have a tricky formula where the second coat pulls the first coat creating bald spots. I had absolutely no issues. They're very opaque, smooth and easy to work with.

They dry with a dull shine, so I applied topcoat. It doesn't need topcoat.

They're all extremely holographic, it doesn't even need to be in direct sunlight to see it.

All photos are taken with a flash, apart from the close up macro shots and if stated otherwise.

All swatches & Review after the jump!

First up is Beyond.

This is a black linear holographic polish.

Beyond is the darkest polish in the lot and also has the most holographic effect. The rainbow really stands out against the dark background.

I've always wanted a black holographic. I think they look so interesting and different from anything else.

Second is Over The Moon.

This is a super vibrant sea blue.

Over The Moon is such a bright shade of blue, while still having that same linear holographic effect.

I was surprised by how much I loved this one!

My favourite is Eternal Beauty.

I'm a sucker for anything purple. So a purple linear holographic is heaven.

I think this might be the most holographic out of all of them.

Below is a shot in direct sunlight.

Fourth is Miss Bliss.

This is a super bright pink linear holographic.

Really flattering without it being too barbie pink.

Next is Cosmic Fate.

This is a coppery/gold colour almost nude like.

It's definitely too yellow toned and dark to be a true nude for me, but it's beautiful. If you want to wear a holo to work, this would be perfect.

Last from the collection is Kismet.

This is a light sage green. In real life it has a hint more colour than the photo shows.

I seriously love all of them. My favourite has to be Eternal Beauty and my least favourite is Kismet, only because I'm not a huge fan of greens. Like I said the application is incredibly easy, but I do recommend doing as few coats as possible. When I paint my nails I usually stick to the 3 stroke method. I found mine of eBay from an American seller. The polishes including shipping worked out much cheaper than buying them in the UK!

xx Elaine


  1. Elaine - what have you done?
    After seeing your pictures I found the 2012 and 2013 accidentally in my ebay basket...eeek!
    Gorgeous swatches x

    1. haha oops!! they're amazing though! I also have the 2012 collection, but haven't blogged about it yet. They're equally amazing but some colours are pretty similar. xx

    2. Yeah, they are a little samey in comparison to the 2013 collection. I've seen a post about a 2015 collections later in the year too x

    3. oh nooo! You shouldn't have told me!! Now I'll need to get those too!!