Sunday, 19 July 2015

Schools Out Trio by Danglefoot Polish Swatch & Review

I recently bought the Schools Out Trio from Danglefoot Polish. The 5ml trio costs only £10.50 and it comes with 3 nail polishes and some extra goodies.

Along with the set I also bought a 5ml bottle of Let's Talk Glitter and a cuticle oil in the scent Sweet Pea and Apple. Both of which I'll review at a later date.

First of all I LOVE the packaging on the Schools Out Trio. It came wrapped up in that pretty blue and white cloth and everything was wrapped up separately to make sure nothing was going to break. It had the three nail polishes, a star shaped soap, a little tiny sample size of a cuticle oil (I'm not sure which fragrance but it smells like something chocolatey I think?) some sweeties and a little business card.

For swatches & review keep reading! 

I'll start off with Down At The Arcade.

This is a medium green with a hint of blue. It's hard colour to describe so luckily I have a picture to show you!

It's definitely not a traditional mint green, nor a grass green. It's a little more muted in real life than in the photo, my studio likes to brighten things up a bit more!

It also has some gorgeous blue shimmer hidden in there. You don't see it at first glance, but when the light hits it you can definitely see a little extra!

Anyway enough of that, let's more onto the formula!

The formula was very easy to work with, a little thick, but wasn't an issue. It was nearly opaque in just 1 coat, but I needed a second just to cover everything up.

It dried to a dull satin finish and a tiny bit gritty, so I applied a topcoat to smooth everything out.

Next is Long Hot Summer, and that's what it felt like when I bought this polish!

England was in a bit of a heatwave and it was great! Apart from the fact that I'm a waitress and I have to run around all day. It was very hot.

Anyway back to the polish, this is a bright almost sunshine yellow with a bit of mustardy dullness to it. Again my camera has brightened the colour a little.

It's a great colour for summer and I'd love to see it in the sun in all it's shimmery glory, but unfortunately today was very grey and boring.

The formula, again was amazing.

I applied 2 coats for the swatch. The first coat was a little sheer, so it definitely did need a second one.

It dried with the same satin-y finish so I applied a topcoat to make it even shimmery-er.

This is the reason why I bought the set. Look at how pretty it is!

This is Space Hopper Race.

To me it looks like an orangey red, but it looks different on everyone. From other swatches it looked a lot more coral.

This again is a bit more muted than the photo shows. but look at that gloss!! I didn't apply a topcoat, it was so incredibly glossy I feel like a topcoat wouldn't even match that.

Onto the formula..

This was the easiest formula for the three. It was a little more crelly so a little sheer on the first coat.

I used 2 coats for the swatch and it was fully opaque.

At the moment I'm loving my brights and neons, so I think this is a colour I'd get more wear out of in the Autumn, or when it's a dull grey day like today. It's definitely still a pop of colour, but not as in your face.

I have used the cuticle oil a couple times now, and I am really enjoying it so far. I'm definitely happy I bought a full size too! I haven't tried the soap yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

One of the things that stood out to me is the new labels, they're see through! Instead of the white sticker on other bottles. I think it looks really professional and you can see a lot more of the colour in the bottle shots!

What do you think of the Schools Out Trio?

xx Elaine


  1. Space Hopper Race looks just gorgeous. Definitely prefer a thinner formula too as I think it still gives that squishy feel. Beautiful swatches as always x