Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Polished By Leanne Perfect Pairs Collection Swatch & Review

I received some nail polishes from Polished by Leanne to review on my brand new YouTube channel!

I received the Perfect Pairs collection. I already owned one of the polishes, so Leanne sent me the other 5. The collection consists of a total of 6 polishes. There are three creme polishes with a hint of glitter, and three glitter toppers.

Polished by Leanne is UK based hand crafted nail polish brand. Check out her instagram for more details!

I have live swatches of the whole collection on my YouTube channel so check it out!!

I'll start off with Sky High.

This is the polishes I already owned, check out my previous Polished By Leanne review here!

This is a beautiful sky blue shade with some white iridescent glitter.

The polish is quite sheer and it required 3 coats for full opacity. It builds up easily though and I didn't have any issues with dry time, streakiness or bald spots.

It dries to a glossy but gritty finish so I would recommend a topcoat.

The glitter that goes along with Sky High is Cloud Nine.

This is stunning.

It's a multicoloured iridescent glitter with larger silver heart glitter.

The glitter is quite dense and easy to get out of the bottle, however the hearts are a little bit more tricky.

I had to swirl around and really fish one out, but in the end it's worth the trouble, it really transforms the polish. I think this is a great combo for a spring wedding guest.

Next up is Head Over Heels.

This is an absolutely stunning deep rich berry shade. I love these types of colours in the autumn and want to wear them all year round.

This has what looks like black multi coloured iridescent glitter.. if that makes sense??

The formula of this was amazing. You could probably get away with 1 thick coat, but I applied 2 thin coats for the swatch.

It's really opaque and applies beautifully.

The glitter that goes alongside this polish is Queen Of Hearts.

I looove this colour combination and it reminds me of something I'd wear for valentines day!

The glitter is super dense, I only applied 1 coat for the swatch. It has red, pink and silver glitter as well as the larger silver hearts.

Next is Berry Juicy which is a slightly darker toned barbie pink.

This has that same black iridescent glitter, but the different colours don't show up as much as Head Over Heels.

The formula of this was amazing again. It was very opaque and you could almost get away with just 1 coat.

I applied 2 for the swatch.

The accompanying glitter is called It's All About The Glitz!

This is a really dark blue and aqua turquoise-y glitter with the large heart glitters.

It is such a gorgeous glitter I want to layer it over everything!

Layering it over this pink creates a really interesting effect and I'd love to see it layered over Sky High too.

Again the glitter was quite dense and really easy to apply. I had to do some fishing for the heart shaped glitters.

My favourite glitter topper is Cloud Nine and my favourite creme with glitter Head Over Heels. I love the multicoloured glitter in Cloud Nine, it gives such a beautiful unique effect and I'd love to layer it over a darker navy blue to really see those colours pop. Head Over Heels is a much darker shade and the glitter really does pop inside that polish. It creates a gorgeous effect.

For live swatches of this collection please check out my youtube video and let me know what you think!
xx Elaine

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