Wednesday, 1 July 2015

CM Handmade UK Nail Art Gradient

CM Handmade UK is an indie brand located in the UK. They are a fairly new nail polish brand but have some amazing polishes. Anywhere from cremes to crelly's to holos.

I received a few polishes from them to review and decided to create some nail art!

I have been obsessed with gradients recently. They're so easy to do and look so impressive!

Products used: 
Barry M Cotton: White base
Nail Mail Mess Free Mani: Liquid Latex
Primark Cosmetic Sponge
CM Handmade UK Lucite (green)
CM Handmade UK Perble (purple)
CM Handmade UK Vanilla Bean (nude)
Leighton Denny Angel Dust (silver glitter)
Ulta3 Stop The Press
Hema Fast Drying Topcoat.

More info and swatches after the jump!

I started off with creating just the gradient. 

Lucite, Perble and Vanilla Bean are all pastel creme polishes and I thought they looked gorgeous together. 

I use the cheapest cosmetic sponges from Primark. I find that they are the easiest to use. I did buy more expensive ones from Superdrug once, and they were horrible!

I apply 3 lines of polish in the different colours onto the sponge and just sponge it onto a white base. 

I wanted to add a little extra to the gradient so I applied 1 coat of Leighton Denny Angel Dust. This is the finest, smallest silver glitter in the world. In fact, I'm not sure you can even call it a glitter because it dries completely smooth and isn't difficult to remove. 

It's very subtle and you really have to look for it. It works better on darker colours. 

So I was 100% happy with it yet... 

I haven't used a black and white matte glitter polish for the longest time. I remember when I first got it I loved it and wanted to apply it over anything and everything. 

I still love the glitter combo and I think it looks great over a gradient. 

In the close up you can see the very subtle glitter in Angel Dust. Isn't it beautiful?? 

I love the final result. It's quite an unusual gradient. I normally love doing neon gradients or really popping in your face colours. This is much more subtle, but equally beautiful. 

Check out CM Handmade UK on Etsy and Instagram for more info! 

xx Elaine 

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