Friday, 17 July 2015

Pastel Neon Mermaid Scale Nail Art

I had a phase where I was only doing swatches, but I'm completely back into nail art now! My boss has recently allowed me to wear my nails to work so I actually have a reason to paint my nails again!

I created this pastel neon mermaid scale design and I'm obsessed with it! I used some of my favourite polishes for this: Shop Eight4 and Let It Glitter!

Although the design looks like a lot of work, it's super easy to create!

Products Used:
Barry M - Cotton
Shop Eight4 - Lasha Lavender
Shop Eighty4 - Powder Puff
Shop Eighty4 - Candy Mint
Nail Mail - Mermaid Scale Stencil
Nail Mail - Mess Free Mani
Let It Glitter! - Invincible
Primark Cosmetic Sponge
Hema - Quick Drying Top Coat

Keep reading to find out how I created this design

I started off with a white base using Barry M Cotton. This has been my go to white for a couple weeks now, but it's starting to thicken up! Usually for nail art I only need to apply 1 coat for full opacity. 

I then apply a topcoat and apply a liquid nail tape Mess Free Mani around my nails. 

I use a cheap Primark cosmetic sponge and apply the three Shop Eighty4 polishes in lines. I dab it onto my nails. I usually apply 2-3 "coats" to get it nice and bright. 

That's the gradient done! 

I remove the liquid nail tape and clean up around my cuticles. I then apply another layer of topcoat. 

I have been using the Quick Drying Top coat from Hema for a couple of months now, I think I have gone through 2 and a half bottles now! It like Seche Vite, only 1000x better. It's super quick drying, super super glossy and it's the only thing that won't chip my nails! 

Next I apply the Mess Free Mani Liquid Tape around my middle and ring finger. Once that's dry I apply the mermaid scale stencil onto my nails. 

I sponge on the glitter using the same Primark Cosmetic Sponge I used earlier. I apply about 2 "coats" until it's fully opaque. 

I finished it off with a topcoat, and that's it! 

It's super easy to create and I love the way it looks! 

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