Monday, 27 July 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome Collection Swatch & Review

Models Own contacted my on Instagram a little while ago telling me that they love my swatches and they wanted to send me a little gift. Obviously I was literally over the moon excited. They didn't tell me what they were going to send or anything, just that it was a little gift. I was patiently waiting and of course I wasn't home to receive the package so had to wait another day and pick it up from the post office!

They send me 5 of the Colour Chrome nail polishes. I did pick up a few of this collection when they first came out and everyone was going cray cray over them. 3 of the 5 were completely new to me, so I was very excited to try them out.

Before I get started I want to mention that I just started a brand new YouTube account!! This is something I've wanted to do for aaages and I feel like I'm finally ready for it. I have already uploaded quite a few videos just to get started, one of which is a LIVE SWATCH video of these polishes. I am literally so excited. Just a little heads up... I have a weird accent.... That's what happens when you're Dutch, learned to speak English in America, then moved to the UK and also spent a year in Australia.. lol!

Anyway here is the link for the live swatches, but keep reading because I'll have photos and a review here too.

First up is Chrome Cerise.

This is a bright pink chrome. I didn't even know chromes could be this bright!

I'm not sure how often I'd wear a bright pink like this, it's definitely beautiful and unique, I think I'd more likely use this for nail art. I've heard these polishes are fantastic at stamping!

The formula of nearly all of them are the same.

It's incredibly quick drying, and although usually that's a good thing, it makes application a little more tricky. Once you know how they work, you'll be fine, but for me it took a little while to get used to them.

You have to make sure not to apply the nail polish in the same area twice as the polish will drag and you'll be left with a hot mess. If you're quick and try and stick to the 3 stroke method, you'll be fine.

Check out the other colours after the jump!

Next up is Chrome Rose.

This is the most popular colour in the collection, of course it's a Rose Gold.

It's a little more rose-y toned than the bottle shows. I completely understand why everyone loves rose gold, it's such a beautiful elegant shade that works perfectly for my skin tone.

The formula is the same as Chrome Cerise.

It's opaque on just 1 coat. I did apply a second one to make sure I didn't have any streaks or uneven application, but honestly I didn't need that second coat.

Since the polish dries so quick, it doesn't take long to add a second one!

Next is Chrome Silver.

I love a nice plain chromes silver polish. I think it looks really fancy and would work beautifully with a little black dress.

This is a really nice clean colour,  a palate cleanser from the other brights.

I also can't wait to stamp with this one!!

The formula wasn't quite as nice as the others.

The first coat was a little sheer and not fully opaque. I could still see my nail line on my ring finger.

The second coat covered everything up.

Again it dries super quick. If you're ever in a rush and need to do your nails before you go, this is the collection to grab.

Next is Chrome Indigo.

This is a blue chrome with maybe half a drop of purple. It's definitely more blue than indigo, but not quite as bright blue as the bottle indicates.

This is one of the colours I previously picked up and I love it.

The formula of this is the best out of all of them.

The first time i tried this polish, I actually had the most issues with it. I kept getting bald spots and it was just a mess. Now that I know I need to be quick with application and I can't cover the same spot twice, this was a dream to apply.

It's very opaque and only needed 1 coat. For the swatch I did apply 2, but there was no need.

Last is Chrome Green.

This is another unique shade and not something I'd see as a chrome!

This had the same formula as Chrome Indigo, it was very opaque and it definitely didn't need to second coat.

I really like all the shades. Again now that I know how to work with these polishes they're so easy to work with. My favourite is Chrome Rose, obviously because it's a rose gold, but Chrome Indigo is a close second.

To really get these polishes to look good I'd recommend buffing your nails to get rid of any ridges, scratches or other marks. I applied these over a peel off base coat (only for swatching purposes) which kind of helped too.

The only down side of this collection is the bottles. They are absolutely stunning and I'd love to have them on show on a shelf, but the downside is that you can't look inside. When I received these they definitely needed a good shake as the first brush stroke didn't have any colour to it! I guess the colour had separated but I couldn't tell until I started applying it. It also doesn't show how far down the bottle you've gone. I love looking through my polishes and seeing the levels going down. It shows how often I actually use each polish. But that's just me being picky to be honest, I think the bottles are beautiful and unique and really show a great side of the product.

What do you think of the Colour Chrome polishes? Have you tried stamping with them?
xx Elaine

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