Friday, 3 July 2015

Freckles Polish Neon Watermarble

 With all this hot weather in the UK, I want want to do is wear neons! One of my favourite neons recently has been Jelly Shoes by Freckles Polish.

This is such a bright pink, and nothing like any other pinks in my collection. For a full review of click here!

I have been really into watermarble recently. Something about summer and hot weather just tells me to watermarble!

Products used:
Barry M Coconut 
Kester Black Sugar Daddy
Freckles Polish Jelly Shoes
Nails Inc Optic Glow (2014)
Nail Mail Mess Free Mani (Liquid Latex)

I started off painting my pinky and index finger using Coconut by Barry M. This is a slightly creamy off white polish. I also painted Sugar Daddy by Kester Black on my ring finger and middle finger. 

I've been seeing a lot of watermarble where people have used a clear polish over glitter. I have done it before and loved the results. 

Nails Inc Optic Glow is a very very very sheer pink polish and it's fantastic for water marbling. 

I think the final result looks so cool! But I wish I was better at creating shapes and designs. 

Check out Freckles Polish on Etsy and Instagram

xx Elaine

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