Friday, 3 July 2015

Frightfully Spectacular Swatch & Review

Lolly from Frightfully Spectacular asked me to swatch one of her nail polishes. This is a brand I hadn't heard of before. Frightfully Spectacular is a brand new UK based indie nail polish brand selling alternative and steampunk inspired collections. I love the fact that this is a bit more of an edgy brand, you definitely won't see any of these cute pastel neons. Instead Lolly has created stunning duo chrome shimmer polishes and glitter combos.

Check out her shop for all her polishes here!

All of the polishes are 5 free and cruelty free. They retails for £5 for a 10ml bottle.

Lolly asked me what my favourite polish colour is. I told her anything but I love blues and purples the most. The polish she sent me is both blue and purple! Perfection!

This is Story.

It's a dark dusty blue base with a gorgeous purple shimmer.

I wore this polish two different ways. The first few photos show 3 coats on its own, and the later pictures show it over a black base.

For these first 3 photos I used 3 coats on its own.

The first coat was very sheer. It almost made my nails look very badly stained by a blue polish. The second coat really deepened the colour but there was still a bit of my visible nail line.

The third coat again deepened the colour and made it completely opaque.

The purple shimmer is very apparent and it almost makes the polish look like it's glowing from within. A really beautiful effect.

I added a topcoat to the swatch. The polish dries with a dull shine, definitely shiny, but I love mine to be even more glossy. Adding the top coat also enhanced the purple shimmer.

Here is one coat of Story over a black base. The colour is completely transformed!

Instead of the blue dusty base with the gorgeous purple shimmer, it's now a bam in your face bright purple shimmer polish. It looks like it also has a hint of blue shimmer too.

I love the polish both ways, but I think it's more unique without the black base. It's a very soft colour whereas with the black base it's much louder.

Story has an incredible formula.

Although it is quite sheer, it's very easy to build up.

It was a dream to apply. There was no streakiness or bald spots. It dried very quickly too making it easy to apply the three coats.

To find out more about Frightfully Spectacular, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.


  1. Definitely prefer it over the black base...

  2. The black base really makes the purple pop! Looks like a completely different polish! xx