Sunday, 22 June 2014

Models Own Scented Polishes

The two UK brands that I missed most while being in Australia were Barry M and Models Own, needless to say, when I arrived back in the UK those are the first nail polishes I purchased. I fell in love with the Models Own scented polishes about a year ago. I bought Blueberry Muffin and Apple Pie from the Models Own Bottle Shop in Westfield last year and have been using both of them like crazy. I'd say Blueberry Muffin is in the top 10 nail polishes I've used the most.

Since being back I added Strawberry Tart, Grape Juice, Peach Melba and Coconut Cream to my collection. I literally cannot pick a favourite from the collection. Don't they all just look so beautiful together? This is probably my ideal collection, something full of pastels is my ultimate weakness.

I'll start off with my very much loved Blueberry Tart. This is a very light grey toned baby blue. The very apparent grey tone in this polish makes it unique amongst other baby blues.

The polish is a little thick which made it a bit tricky to work with in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it it's pretty good. It's a streaky polish so you do need three coats to even everything out. It's definitely worth it though, the colour is beautiful. And the smell..... It smells super sweet, but it isn't annoying. I usually just forget about it until I move my hair out of my face and get a whiff of it. Amazing. Even with a top coat, you can still smell the sweetness of the polish.

The second nail polish is Apple Pie. Who could not buy a nail polish that smells like Apples!? Again it's a very sweet but crispy apple scent. The colour is a gorgeous mint green, it's more green than blue which I prefer in a mint polish. The formula was similar to Blueberry Tart but not quite as thick. It was easier to apply but was still a bit streaky. I applied three coats for the swatch.

The third colour is Strawberry Tart. This colour really surprised me. I'm a huge fan of pale pinks but this is very different from any other pale pink and I was surprised at how pretty it looked! It's a much more peach toned pink and is a lot more wearable. The formula was a good consistency and I needed three coats to even out the streakiness. It smells like super sweet strawberries. Amazing.

The fourth colour is Grape Juice. I'm not the biggest fan of grape scents or sweets, but the colour is this is beautiful. Purples are my most loved colours. Again it's very different from other pastel purples as this has much more of a warm tone.

The application on this was the easiest. It's the least streaky and I could definitely get away with just 2 coats. I used three for the swatch so all the swatches are identical.

The next two colours are brand new and I think they've come out for summer. This first one is called Peach Melba and it's a gorgeous pale orange. Again it smells super sweet! The application is similar to the others where it's a bit streaky and needed three coats. The formula is a little thinner which makes it easier to apply.

The final colour is Coconut Cream. I am just so obsessed with these creamy whites! I can't get enough of them!! This is such an amazing off white shade, it's much more wearable than a plain white. The application was the same as the others, it needed three coats as it was pretty streaky. The end result for all of them is beautiful though. This polish smells of very sweet coconuts, I love it!!

There is one more yellow scented polish that smells of bananas but I don't own that colour.

I love all of these colours, they're so beautiful and surprisingly unique for being a pastel collection. All of them apart from Grape Juice needed three coats as they are pretty streaky, but it's definitely worth it.

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