Sunday, 15 June 2014

Barry M Gelly Spring 2014 Swatches

I'm a huge fan of the Barry M Gelly nail polishes and was very excited to see their pastels spring line! I wear light pastel shades like these all year round, and what makes these unique in my collection is that 2 of them are even lighter than most pastels.

The Gelly formula means that they're extra glossy and don't need a top coat, but they're not full on gel polishes that need to be cured with a UV light.

The first shade is Huckleberry, a super light baby blue colour. I love baby blue shades and have a few of them in my collection, but this is definitely the lightest out of all of them. It's also still very blue. A lot of the time baby blues tend to lean a bit more grey, such as Models Own Blueberry Muffin, which is noticeably more grey compared to Huckleberry. The formula was a little sheer and streaky but I applied to thickish coats for full opacity.

The second colour is Rose Hip. This is a really pretty light white pink. The colour really reminds me of OPI I Love Applause, but that's a much sheer formula. Although this is more opaque, I needed three coats for full opacity. It's a very streaky formula unfortunately. In the end it's definitely worth it though, this colour is so beautiful and worth the three coats.

The last colour is Sugar Apple, this is noticeably brighter than the other two shades. In the bottle compared to Huckleberry it looks very green, but in the swatch on its own it's much more blue. I love how this colour shifts in different lights. This is definitely a mint green, but compared to other mint greens I have such as Models Own Apple Pie and Kester Black Bubblegum, it's much more blue toned. I also needed three coats for this polish as it's also a little streaky, but again it's well worth it.

I really love all three colours Barry M has brought out for the spring. Although the formula on these isn't perfect, they're still easy enough to work with and three coats isn't too bad. It's when a nail polish needs 4 coats that I can't be bothered!

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