Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nail Art Challenge June - Neon Gradient

I decided to take part in two nail art challenges during the month of June. To view my other posts click here!

The theme for #nailartjun by @Californails on day 11 was Neon Gradient. I love mixing neons with neutrals and also love these triangle gradients. They're super easy to create and always look so pretty.

For my base I used Barry M Coconut, this is a beautiful off white part of the Summer 2014 collection. I'm a huge fan of the Gelly line by Barry M as their formula is always very easy to work with and they are super glossy without a top coat. The recent spring collection was a little streaky and needed three coats, this polish was the same. It was a little more tricky to work with as it was quite streaky. For the swatch I applied two thin coats and a third slightly thicker coat. I think the end result is beautiful and definitely worth the three coats. I've had this nail polish for about a month now and have used it more than any other polish. I think it looks great to use with nail art but also looks fantastic on its own. I'm in love.

When that fully dried I drew tiny little dots on my nails where I wanted the tape to line up and carefully applied the tape to my nails. Usually I stick the tape onto the back of my hand first so it loses a bit of its stickiness, that way it's less likely to pull up your nail polish.

I used a sponge from Primark, they're the best sponges I've ever tried for ombre, and added one line of Models Own Beach Bag, one line of Models Own Shades and a third line of Essie Bottle Service. I dabbed the sponge onto my nails and applied three "coats" of that to get the real neon pop.

I carefully removed the tape and added a top coat. I'm so happy with the outcome! The colours blend together really smoothly and they are so bright!! I love that the base is just an off white colour, I think the white would have been too overpowering.

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