Thursday, 12 June 2014

OPI Brazil Collection part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of the Brazil Collection swatches by OPI. To view my first half, click here! The first half of the collection contained the neutrals, the yellow and the jungle green, whereas this half has all the bright warm colours. The formula on all of these in incredible, and although 4 of them are in a similar colour category they are all very different.

First up is OPI Scores A Goal. This is a very dark reddish brown colour. It almost looks a bit chocolatey, but a lot of people have described it to be like a raison. Although this isn't really much of a spring/summer colour, I think it will be great for the autumn. I wasn't too sure about this when I first bought it, but having tried it again I do quite like it. The application was amazingly smooth and opaque. It's completely opaque in two coats, however my camera picked up a bit of unevenness, so for the photos I applied a third coat. It's definitely perfect with two coats though. I didn't apply a top coat, so you can see how glossy it dries.

The second polish is this beautiful ruby colour called Red Hot Rio. This was a little tricky to photograph since it's such a bright red so it's slightly darker in real life. The application was great. It's a bit more of a crelly formula, so a little sheer on the first coat, but it's completely opaque on the second coat. I love the crelly look, it's super glossy and looks a bit more jelly than creme finishes.

Another super bright creme polish is Live.Love.Carnival. This is such a bright colour that it's almost neon. It's a coral that leans very red. The formula on this was good, but not the best. I used three thin coats, and they were all a bit streaky so I'd suggest to apply two thicker coats. The colour is amazing, and not like anything else I have in my collection. It's a fantastic colour for the summer both on fingers and toes.

The fourth polish is pretty similar to the previous one but much more orange toned. This is called Toucan Do It If You Try. It's again very bright, but much more wearable. Out of all the colours in the collection, this looks the most flattering on my skin tone. The formula was similar to the previous polish, but this time I applied two thicker coats and that worked perfectly. The first is still slightly streaky, but the second coat evens that out beautifully.

Next up is Where Did Suzi's Man-Go? Isn't that name so cute? This is a beautiful pale orange and another favourite of the collection. It's a great colour for the spring and it's something I haven't seen a lot of. Most oranges are more like that Halloween bright orange kind of colour, but this is much lighter. The formula is amazing, it's really opaque and perfect with two coats.

The final colour in the collection is this gorgeous bright bubblegum barbie pink. This is called Kiss Me I'm Brazilian. I wasn't going to get this colour originally, but I saw so many positive reviews that I ended up getting it anyway. I don't usually wear pinks like this very often, but this pink changed that. It's a really flattering colour and although it's a barbie pink, when I wear it I don't feel too barbie-like!

The application on this was amazing, it was two very easy coats.

That's it for the whole Brazil Collection! There were a couple colours I wasn't too sure about to begin with, but I'm so glad I bought the entire collection. I think a lot of the nail polishes will also transition great into autumn and winter. The formula on all of them was great, they're all incredibly opaque and easy to apply.

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