Saturday, 7 June 2014

Free Leighton Denny Harpers Bazaar Part 1

Leighton Denny is another brand I'm a big fan of, they're a bit pricey at £11. I bought my first Leighton Denny at TK Maxx, it was a set of three nail polishes for only £15. The bottles look really nice and they've got a great range of colours. The formula on them is amazing. Their cremes are super opaque and easy to apply.

This month, the July issue, Harpers Bazaar has 6 free Leighton Denny nail polishes to choose from. The magazine retails for £4.20. It includes two reds, one dark red with silver shimmer, one brown, one dark pink and one sheer light pink. I only picked up three: Plush Pink, Supermodel and 3 Times A Lady. The two reds were pretty similar and I've got a ton of reds, and I wasn't a big fan of the dark red with silver shimmer either.

The first colour I decided to try was Supermodel. I'd heard a lot of good reviews about this one. It used to be part of a limited edition range and it was so popular they made in permanent! It's a really lovely dark brown colour that looks really elegant. The formula was amazing. The first coat was super smooth and streak free. There was a very slight visible nail line so I added two coats. You can easily get away with one though. The second coat enhances the colour and makes it a bit of a deeper brown. It has a super glossy finish. I'm not surprised it's such a popular colour!

Supermodel, 2 coats

The second colour is Plush Pink. This is a deep warm pink that's still really bright, but not too in your face. This was an aaaamazing formula. I applied two coats for the swatch, but you could definitely get away with just one. It's a really beautiful pink and dries quickly with an amazing shine.

Plush Pink, 2 coats

The final colour is 3 Times A Lady. This is a sheer but buildable pink. The first coat was super sheer, and made my nails look really healthy. The second coat was a lot more opaque, but still had an obvious nail line. I'm not a big fan of sheer polishes, but 2 coats was actually really pretty. Adding the third coat made it almost completely opaque. It's a gorgeous light baby pink and because it's such a sheer polish it dried with the most incredible shine. I love it! It's probably not a colour I would have bought for £11, but for £4.20 I'm really happy I got it!

3 Times a Lady, 3 coats

The three shades are beautiful, and it kind of makes me want to go back and get one of the two reds... They dried really quick and all three of them had a beautiful shine on their own, definitely no need for a topcoat. The formula was great. The two cremes were really opaque and easy to work with. The sheer polish wasn't streaky at all, so whether you want 1, 2 or three coats it all looks great. I've been using a lot of OPI and Kester Black lately and these nail polishes have made me realise why I loved Leighton Denny so much!

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