Sunday, 15 June 2014

Models Own Polish For Tans

I went shopping at the Westfield in Stratford last week and of course had to go to their bottle shop! It's shaped like a huge nail polish bottle and it's filled with rows and rows of Models Own nail polishes and accessories. It's like a miniature heaven. They have an offer for 6 nail polishes for £20, or £5 each. So that's two free nail polishes! I picked up 4 of the Polish for Tans and two of their new scented nail polishes.

The collection is called Polish for Tans because the neon shades are supposed to enhance a tan, even if you're pale like me! The first colour is shades, a bright coral pink. It's definitely different from most neon pinks as this is much more warm toned.

The application was very easy and I only needed two coats for full opacity. I didn't use a white base for any of the swatches and there is no need for that since they're so opaque.

The second colour is Beach Bag, a bright peachy orange. This is the most flattering on my skin tone and is one of those colours I just can't stop looking at. This one had the trickiest formula as it was very streaky. I used three coats for the swatch.

Next is this bright highlighter yellow called Bikini. It's slightly brighter in real life as my camera didn't pick up the neon very well.. The application was very easy and I used two coats.

Finally Flip Flop, the most unique colour from the collection. It's so bright!! I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull this colour off, but I did think it looked beautiful. Definitely very eye catching!

The application, again, was easy. It's a slightly thicker formula and for the swatch I used two coats.

I didn't pick up the final colour in the collection since it's the least unique. It's called Sun Hat and it's a bright blue toned barbie pink.

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