Friday, 20 June 2014

Nail Art Challenge June - Fuzzy Coat

This month I wanted to get back into nail art and decided to take part in a nail art challenge. I actually couldn't choose which one so am taking part in two! To check out my other June nail art posts click here!

The theme for day 9 for #nailartchallengejune was Fuzzy Coat. I know I'm totally doing these out of order and on the wrong days, but I'm getting through them! I didn't own a fuzzy coat until a few days ago. They never really interested me and I've never been a fan of bar glitter anyway! I did some research on fuzzy coat nail art and found the cutest thing ever. I went out and bought Barry M Marshmallow especially for it. A bit excessive I know... but totally worth it.

I really like the colour combo of Marshmallow, it consists of white and light pink matte bar glitter.

I started off with a white base using Alpine Snow by OPI. This is the best white polish ever. When I first got it I wasn't too impressed, but it seems the longer I've had it for the better it gets. The photo below is one coat of Alpine Snow, it's super opaque and not too streaky either. It's just a quick photo from my phone so please excuse the super red fingers! Anyway, once the base dried I used OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender to draw the base of the fuzzy. I just used the nail polish brush to create a half circle on the tips of my nails. Once that dried I applied two coats of Barry M Marshmallow. I then used Ulta3 Black Satin and a large dotting too to create the eyes, and my Barry M black nail art pen to add the mouth. Finally I used a smaller dotting tool and Alpine Snow to add the white of the eyes.

I think this design is so cute! I found it on pinterest but unfortunately there wasn't any watermark and didn't redirect to the artists blog.

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