Friday, 25 September 2015

Personail Nail Polish Strips Review

Hi everyone! Today I have a little bit of a different post for you and something I've NEVER done before!

I received some Nail Polish Strips from the brand new Australian based brand Personail. Personail launched their brand on the 23rd of September and they're all about cute nails without hassle and something to fit every occasion.

Their wraps have different "personalities" meaning they have something for everyone. The strips I received are "Charmingly Cute", there is also "Glamour" and "Perfectionist". Charmingly cute has loads of fun, cute, unique and playful prints, Glamour has glitter and metallic designs and Perfectionist has solid colours.

For a brand that has only launched a few days ago, everything looks SUPER professional from the packaging to the website and everything in between.

Before I get started, if you're interested in any of the designs I have a 10% off code for you: EN10

The polish strips cost AU$13 which is roughly £6 (on the 25th of September). Postage to the UK is also very affordable. If you buy 1-2 designs postage is only $3 (£1.38). If you buy 3-4 designs its $6, and shipping is free on orders over $50 (this could be a limited time offer!).

The benefits of adding nail polish strips mean there is zero drying time and no nail polish smell! I paint my nails so often I'm not bothered by the smell anymore, but I always worry about having people come over and as soon as they walk into the house they'll be hit by a cloud of nail polish fumes.

The nail polish strips also last for up to 10 days. I unfortunately wasn't able to test the longevity of the strips because I work as a waitress. I work with a lot of water and I'm constantly polishing cutlery.. nail polish generally lasts through just  one shift. I did actually wear this to work and I didn't have any issues with chipping or anything! Plus everyone commented on how cute my nails were ;).

It has a very professional finish - definitely can't argue that! And lastly they fit all nail types! Each pack comes with 16 polish strips so more than enough to do your nails, make a few mistakes and check which size fits best! The pack also comes with a mini file and a cuticle stick.

Another claim is that they're easy to apply. For someone that's never done anything like this before... yes it was easy! I hadn't done any research on how to apply nail polish strips so it was literally going in blind, just the directions on the back of the packaging.

1. The first step is the check which of the strips fit best for each nail. There are quite a few different sizes so there is literally something for everyone.

Before you start you have to make sure you have clean dry nails. I took off all my nail polish (even base coat).

2. Remove clear protective layer, hold silver panel and peel away from back panel.

Right so you'll be able to see in the video I was a little clueless at this point.

I actually pulled the stencils off from the rest, that way I only have one design in my hand to work with. Much easier.

I then removed both the front and the back. The front is a clear film and the back is paper. Now it's time to apply it to my nails...

3. Position sticker on nail holding the silver tab.

This is pretty straight forward. You aline the sticker with you nails and just stick it on there. At this point it's literally just a sticker.

4. Press firmly to smooth over nail surface. File downwards to remove excess.

So you have to make sure you push the stencil all the way down all along the edges of you nails. You don't want anything sticking up! Once it's all smooth you can start filing.

My nails are pretty short so I actually cut the stencil in half and then started filing. Again, much easier!

It's best to file in a downwards motion. Don't worry you're not actually filing your nails down, you're just filing the sticker. As soon as you see your nail poking through you can stop.

I finished it off with a topcoat so it would last longer

Now the best part... doing my other hand!! It was literally the easiest thing every to my my right hand. I always struggle with nail art and it can take AGES! But since I'd got the hand of these stickers my now it was incredibly easy.

That's it!

How cute do they look?!

I love that it's a different design on every nail. I had the little triangle watermelon design on my thumb as well. This is just the most adorable nail design I've every had on my nails.

I am really impressed with Personail. Don't you just love their brand name?

Although nail polish strips isn't something I'd use all the time, I'm really happy I've tried it. This is great for when you have people coming over, but you still want to have cute nails without have to worry about nail polish smells.

This is also great if you're going on holiday and don't want to bring 100 nail polishes and tools for nail art. Just stick these on and you're good to go!

Another bonus is that if you're not very good at nail art or if you don't have a steady hand this is a great way to be able to have beautiful nails! The fact that they are nail polish strips means that it looks like actual nail polish on your nails, no fake nails, no bumpy thick nails. It just looks like a layer of nail polish.

You can be really creative with these strips. I could have easily used the green sticker and it would look completely different.

The price is amazing! For less than £15 you can have two nail polish strips posted! I highly recommend these.

Remember if you're interested in buying some, don't forget to use my discount code EN10 for 10% off your purchase!

xx Elaine

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