Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Coral Nail Art - Monthly Challenge

This month I'm taking part in another monthly nail art challenge. I did it last month as well but kept it all to IG and YouTube. Involving my blog can get a little tricky sometimes as I don't really have much to write about!

I want my blog to be about nail art as well as swatches so I'm thinking of including some super short little posts about what nail art I've done. If I have a video tutorial I'll link it in the post, if not I'll just post a whole bunch of photos!

Not only am I doing a monthly challenge, but to make it even more challenging, I'm actually doing Bestie Twin Nails for every theme! This means that I collaborate with other great nail artists on instagram and we create the same/similar designs.

The first theme was Coral and I collaborated with Veri @verenaamp. Instead of creating corals like the Great Barrier Reef, we decided to use the colour coral instead. We both used Essie Sunday Sunday.

This design is something we've both wanted to do for ages but for some reason neither of us got round to actually doing it... The reason I love doing monthly challenges and working together with other talented nail artists is that it really pushes for to work even harder.

This design was pretty challenging. I always thought it would be super easy for some reason, but the little swirls by my cuticle were a little tricker than I thought they would be.

I used a detail brush from Born Pretty Store and acrylic paint to draw the little swirl floral design. I then used Essie Sunday Funday and painted the tips of my nails like normal. I used a dotting tool to get as close to the acrylic paint design as I could.

To make it look a little more neat I reapplied the acrylic paint. I added some polkadots and that's it!

I unfortunately don't have a tutorial for this design.

xx Elaine

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