Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Dark Metal Lacquer Swatch & Review

I received some polishes from the UK indie brand Dark Metal Lacquer to review. This is a brand I've wanted to try for the longest time because they have some absolutely stunning holographics! Dark Metal Lacquer uses a 5 free, cruelty free and EU approved nail polish base. The full size nail polishes for 11ml retail for £6.50. Check out their website here for all their stunning polishes!

I received 4 polishes. Two absolutely stunning pastel linear holographics, one deep purple linear holographic and a crazy party glitter polish that can be used on it's own or 1 coat over a dark base.

As always, I have live swatches of these on my YouTube channel!

First up is End Of August.

This is part of the pastel holographics collection.

This is a beautiful pastel baby blue linear holographic polish.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

The first coat has great coverage for being such a light holographic shade, but you definitely need a second coat.

The second coat brightens up that blue and it's fully opaque. I did do 2 careful coats and I could see how this could easily be a three coater.

The holo is very subtle in dull lighting, but as soon as the sun/flash/torch hits it the holo pops!

The second pastel holo is Not Tomorrow.

This is a pastel pink linear holo with a hint of purple. the colour really reminds me of Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI, but that's just a creme.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

This had the same formula as End Of August. It has great coverage on the first coat but you definitely will need a second coat. The application is very even and easy to apply.

This was definitely a 2 coater and I wouldn't even consider adding a third.

The third linear holo is called Dreaming.

This is a very rich bright purple holographic. The holo in this polish is definitely the most apparent from the 4.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

It has a very similar formula as the previous 2 polishes. It applies very evenly and has a smooth formula. It is a little sheer on the first coat but the second coat covers everything up beautifully. It also deepens up that purple.

All 3 linear holographic dry to a semi glossy slightly dull finish so I would recommend adding a topcoat.

Next up is a glitter polish called Vicinity of Obscenity.

This has a little bit of everything in there!

I can see purple, gold, blue, green glitter, maybe even some red and holographic glitter! It has 2 sizes, tiny hex glitters as well as shimmer.

For the live swatches I applied 3 coats on its own (photos below). Here I used 1 coat over a black base.

Although it is beautiful on its own, the colours really pop over a black base and I kept seeing a stunning flash of purple-ly fuchsia.

Those are the 4 nail polishes I received from Dark Metal Lacquer. I am honestly not sure which one is my favourite. I think the two pastel holographs are so unique and I don't have anything like it in my collection. The purple linear holographic, Dreaming, is absolutely stunning but definitely not unique. This is the type of holo that I send to gravitate towards so I love it! The glitter is again very unique, there is so much going on in it! I love that it can be used on its own in 3 coats (it looks like a carnival!) or as a vampy glitter topper over a darker base.

Check out Dark Metal Lacquers' website for all their polishes and their Instagram for many more swatches!

xx Elaine

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