Thursday, 10 September 2015

Floral Nail Art Tutorial - Monthly Challenge

My second bestie twin nails this month was with the lovely Mo from @prettyquirkyuk. She's another UK based nail polish lover and I've wanted to do something with her for ages!

The theme was flowers so we plucked some inspiration from a design by @furiousfiler. We kept to the same colour theme, black and white as a background and purple/pink/green/teal flowers. We also added a glittery accent nail!

I have a tutorial for these on my YouTube channel! 

I started off by painting all my nails white, apart from my ring finger.

I then used a small dotting tool and just applied some polkadots. I used the larger end of the dotting tool and applied random blogs of colour onto my nails by the cuticles.

I mixed white with the colour of the blog, eg. I applied a blue blob to my nail, then I mixed that same blue polish with white polish to get a lighter shade of blue.

I then went in with a detail brush from Born Pretty Store and swirled the two shades together.

It seems so weird when I'm writing it, but when you see the video it'll all make sense!

For the glitter nail I applied 3 different glitters onto a sponge. I basically just did a gradient, but applied the glitters to random parts of the sponge.

Again the video will make so much more sense!!

I finished everything off with a topcoat.

Check out the video here!

xx Elaine

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