Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dark Metal Lacquer Autumn 2015 Swatch & Review

Today I have probably my favourite collection ever to show you. Yes that's a big statement... I feel like I get more and more excited about nail polish. But seriously... just wait. This collection is pretty epic.

I have the Autumn 2015 collection from Dark Metal Lacquer!

I have reviewed for them before and I loved the polishes so when Kam told me she had some more polishes she needed swatched.... I wasn't going to say no!

This collection consists of 6 polishes. Two linear holographics, 1 flakie in a dark brown base and 3 flakies in a clear base. The polishes retail for £6.50 for a 11ml sized bottle. You can also buy the whole set for £36 or just the 3 flakies for £17.50.

As always, I have LIVE SWATCHES of these on my YouTube channel!

First up is Benighted.

This is a deep navy linear holographic polish. It's not too in your face, a little deeper and muted than a traditional navy. It the perfect Autumn shade and I love that it'll be blue no matter what lighting your in.

I used 2 coats for the swatch. It was almost fully opaque in just 1 coat and you could easily get away with just doing the 1. The second coat does deepen up the colour.

The formula is incredibly easy to worth with, very smooth, not streaky, dries quick. Perfect!

Next up is Black Rose Immortal.

This is a dark plum linear holographic polish.

This is quite similar to the previous purple holo that I reviewed, but this is much more muted and has a hint of berry.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

This had that same amazing formula. It applied really beautifully and smooth and it was almost opaque in just 1 coat. I did apply a second coat to deepen up the colour.

Next up is Harvest.

This is so uniquely beautiful. This is a multicoloured colour shifting flakie in a deep dark brown jelly base. The base is so dark it's almost black.

I used 2 coats for the swatch. It is fully opaque, however I reckon a third coat would really deepen up the base.

It looks like this has the same flakies as the next polish.

Ok.. now get ready for 1048987598 photos. I was kind of in love.

You really want to see all these polishes in action, photos really don't do them justice!!

This is Nectar.

This is the most amazing multicoloured colour shifting flakie I've ever seen!

It goes from this vibrant pink fuchsia to a yellow gold, but there is also green and purple and a hint of blue. Seriously. A-Ma-Zing.

I applied one coat over a deep dark plum creme. The photos below, where it's fully opaque, I sponged the flakies onto my nail - like doing a gradient, but then just flakies.

Just look at the flakie goodness.

Next up is Hope Leaves.

Aarrrgghh This is so amazing too!

This is another flakie that goes from red/fuschia to a yellowy gold.

I used 1 coat over black, but I also sponged it onto my nail.

The last flakie is Patterns In The Ivy.

This isn't quite as colour shifting as the others, but it's still very unique.

When you're looking at it from the front you see green and silvery pink flakies, but as you tilt your hand it turns purple. You'll see the shift best in the video.

I applied 1 coat over a deep navy base.

So that's the Autumn 2015 collection from Dark Metal Lacquer. I obviously love the holos, but the highlight of this collection are the three flakies!

They are such incredibly densely packed that you could probably get them opaque on their own rather than sponging it on.

I love them layered, but just LOOK how gorgeous they are sponged on. Such an incredible effect. My all time favourite is Nectar. I literally couldn't stop taking photos.

These polishes are available right now! So check out Dark Metal Lacquers shop!

xx Elaine

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