Thursday, 24 September 2015

CM Handmade UK Halloween 2015 Swatch & Review

Hi everyone! Autumn has officially begun so it's time for all the new (amazing!) Autumn and Halloween collections!! I used to not really participate with seasonal nail polish, but this year I've been obsessed with pastels in the spring, then pastel neons, then full on in your face neons and now it's time for some deeper reds and cobalt blues.

Today I have the Halloween collection from CM Handmade UK! I have reviewed for them a few times before, to check out all my other blog posts click here! CM Handmade UK is a relatively new UK based indie nail polish brand run by 2 sisters. Alongside their nail polishes they also sell crafts, ornaments, wax melts and more. The Halloween collection has to be my favourite collection they've launched. It literally just screams Halloween! It consists of 3 crelly cremes, 1 holo and a glitter topper. They're available to buy in a set for only £10 plus postage!!

As always, I have LIVE SWATCHES of these on my YouTube channel!

First up is Frankenstein.

This is a bright slime green. Maybe I'm thinking slime because it's a halloween collection...

It's incredibly bright!

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

It's a bit more a crelly formula, right in between a creme and a jelly. It applies beautifully. It's not streaky but there is a slight visible nail line so definitely needs second coat. The second coat really brightens up the green.

It dries to a glossy finish, I didn't apply topcoat for the swatch.

Next is Pumpkin.

This is a fiery red orange. It's definitely an orange with a lot of red tones.

This is another crelly polish. It has that gorgeous squishy feel to it.

I applied 2 coats for the swatch.

The first coat is almost fully opaque, literally the best formula ever. There is a slight visible nail line so I did require a second coat.

It dries to a glossy finish.

This is Witches Brew.

This is a very vibrant blue based purple.

It was a little bit more sheer than the previous 2 polishes but built up in 3 coats.

My bottle had a few unresolved pieces of pigment leaving it with a slight gritty finish. This didn't affect how the polish applied but I'd recommend applying a topcoat. It dries to a little bit of a dull finish so I'd recommend adding one anyway!

The glitter topper is called Trick Or Treat and it's adorable!!

I'm definitely not a huge glitter topper fan, and I've always stayed well away from anything skulls but these are just the cutest little holographic glitter skulls!!

This polish has green, purple, black and fiery orange hex glitter - matching all the polishes in this collection. It also has larger orange hexes and holographic skulls.

I had to do a little fishing for the larger glitters, but it wasn't anything more than other glitter toppers.

The great thing about this topper is is that it would look good over any of the polishes in this collection!

The last polish.... is amazing!!!

This is Vampire Bat and it's a black holographic polish.

I have had the biggest holo obsession lately and I  think black holos are my newest obsession.

This has quite a large holo micro glitter.. if that makes sense? It looks like silver glitter in dull lighting, although you can see a hint of rainbow. Once you get in the sun/flash or the right lighting it just blows up!

I'm obsessed.

I used 2 coats for the swatch. It's almost fully opaque in 1 coat, although a second coat really deepens up the colour. It dries to a bit of a dull finish so I would recommend adding a topcoat.

That's it for the CM Handmade UK Halloween 2015 collection! All polishes are available right now! Check out their etsy shop for all their other products!

xx Elaine

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