Wednesday, 23 July 2014

OPI Alpine Snow

I'm always going on and on about how much I love OPI Alpine Snow, so I thought I'd dedicate an entire post to this beautiful white nail polish.

White polishes tend to be very difficult to work with. They're always streaky and need three coats to get opaque and streak free and it's generally just a hassle.... Alpine Snow by OPI is exactly the opposite. I used to have the same amount of trouble with Alpine Snow as any other white polish, but over time (and after having used half the bottle) I feel like I finally have the hang of how it works. Now I can usually just get away with one coat.

I think the bottle being old and used had made the polish a bit thicker, so I use a bit of a thicker coat than normal and slowly brush it onto my nail, trying to cover as much of my nail as possible. The wide brush is great because it does actually cover most of my nail. That's all I do, in one stroke apply it to my nail. If I try and brush over something a second time it drags the polish and becomes patchy and streaky, so literally just one drag! Usually that'll create a very even and easy finish, but if I have missed out the edges or if it is still streaky I add a second coat. Again, I use a slightly thicker coat than normal and slowly brush it onto my nail, trying not to go over the same place twice.

I love just plain white nails, they looks so crisp and clean. What do you think of white polish? Do you wear it often or just under nail art?
xx Elaine

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