Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hema Kingston Haul & Swatches

Hema is a very popular department store that sells absolutely anything, and they have recently come to the UK! They have opened three stores, one in Victoria Station, a second in Kingston and the third in Bromley. I have a previous post on the Hema in Victoria Station. I bought my first Hema Holographic polishes there and fell in love. So when the new Kingston Store opened (much closer!) I went back and grabbed the other 3 holos and couldn't resist this gorgeous blue.

First up is number 53 Holographic Blue. I have wanted a blue holographic polish for months but just never ended up buying it. Now I finally have one and it's amazing!! The top right photo is taken in the shade and the other three are in the sun.

The application of this was a little tricky and I used three coats. If you're more patient you can definitely only do two, but just make sure the previous coat is 100% dry or else it will drag the polish.

It's so holographic, it's amazing! In the shade it's a beautiful shimmery blue polish, and once it hits the sun it's a rainbow of different colours.

The second nail polish is 55 Holographic Purple. This one is the least holographic as you can tell by the swatches. Again the top right photo is in the shade and the other are in the sun.

I used two coats for full opacity and didn't have any problems with the polish dragging.

The holographic effect was barely there in real life and therefore very difficult to photograph. In the bottom right shot you can see there is a bit of holo but not as much as the other colours. It's still a beautiful purple shimmer polish though and it looks great on its own as well as with nail art.

The third and final holographic polish is 56 Holographic Bordeaux. This wasn't quite as intense as the blue holo, but still clearly had that holo effect. Again, the top right photo is in the shade and the others are in the sun. I was very surprised at how much I loved this colour, it's a very elegant fall shade.

I used two easy coats for the swatch.

I really like the amount of holo in this polish, I feel it's a little bit more of a sophisticated polish with just the right amount of sparkle - without going over the top!

The final colour is number 836. This is a a slightly green based dark blue. I immediately fell in love with the colour in the store, but once I got home it swatched quite differently from the bottle colour. The first coat is VERY green blue, nothing like the bottle, but the second coat added a bit more opacity and brought it back to the bottle colour.

It's more of a jelly formula, but at the same time very opaque and smooth. I used 2 coats for the swatch.

Have you visited any of the Hema stores in London?
xx Elaine

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