Friday, 6 June 2014

Free Nails Inc - InStyle Magazine

I first fell in love with Nails Inc when I bought their Lucky Dip deal, where you pay £20 to receive 7 nail polishes, which are £11 each. I loved the bottle shape, the formulas, the colours. Overall they were amazing. Nails Inc often have amazing offers where you get a free nail polish with a purchase. My friend has tons of Nail Inc nail polishes, but managed to get all of them for free! They've had them with coca cola, colgate toothpaste, magazines and probably more.

In the June Issue of InStyle magazine you could choose from three beautiful nail polishes. A pink called Sugarloaf Sunset, a nude called Sao Paulo Streets and a red called Copacabana Coral. Of course if you wanted all three, you'd have to buy the magazine three times.

First up is Sugarloaf Sunset. This is the first one I swatched because I thought it would be my least favourite. Well... I was wrong. This was such a gorgeous pink! Being back in the UK I've been reunited with all my polishes and I learnt that I have the most pinks out of any other colour category. That being said, this pink is definitely unique in my collection, surprising right?! It's a bright pink that's slightly more muted so it's not quite a hot pink. The formula on this fantastic. The swatches show one coat and no top coat.

Sugarloaf Sunset, 1 coat

The second nail polish is Sao Paulo Streets, definitely my favourite colour. I love nudes and this shade is perfect. It's a really light almost white colour, that's a bit more beige toned but still has a slight pink-y look to it.... if that makes sense? The formula on this is again great, but not quite a one coater like Sugarloaf Sunset. I used two coats for the swatches. The first one was slightly streaky, but the second coat easily covered that up. The nail polish was really smooth and just so so easy to work with. Again I didn't use a top coat.

Sao Paulo Streets, 2 coats

And finally Copacabana Coral. This was another surprise for me because it's a very different red. It's slightly coral like the name suggests and a bit more muted and softer than most reds. The formula was so smooth! That's probably what I love about Nail Inc polishes the most, the smooth application. I used two coats for this swatch. The first coat was beautiful, even and streak free, but there was a slight visible nail line, so the second coat covered that up. Again no top coat, this one was the shiniest of them all.

Copacabana Coral, 2 coats

I'm so impressed with these nail polishes! It really reminded me how much I loved them. The formula on these was amazing, Sugarloaf Sunset was so opaque it only needed one coat, and the others needed two. The colours are great for the summer, but not too in your face neon like some of the other collections that have been coming out. I would definitely wear Sao Paulo Streets all year round.

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