Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nicole By OPI Modern Family Xtras Haul

I've been eyeing up these Nicole By OPI nail polishes for AGES from Xtras. Xtras is a discount cosmetics website that sells older nail polish collections for a discounted price. I bought these for £2.99 each.

The reason I waited so long to pick them up is because I HATE the bottle shape of Nicole By OPI Nail polishes, they're horrible!! I found it really difficult to sort out a hand pose for them too.... Their wide brushes make up for it though..

First up is Am I Making Myself Claire? This is the one that I wanted the most. It's gorgeous!! It's like a purple-y nude. It's super creamy and opaque in just 2 coats.

The first coat was the tiniest bit streaky and the second got covered everything up perfectly. I didn't add a topcoat, it dries glossy on its own!

Second is Alex By The Books. This is a gorgeous minty seafoam green.

This had the same formula as the previous one, perfect in 2 creamy easy coats. And I didn't need to apply a topcoat.

The brushes are very wide, so I could almost cover my whole nail with just one brush stroke.

When I was trying to place the colour the first thing I thought of was OPI Mermaid's Tears.

Alex By The Books is much lighter and slightly more minty, whereas Mermaid's Tears is a bit darker and much more green.

The third colour is A Phil's Paradise. This is a pewter shimmer. It's a much darker silver than most silver shimmers, and this is kind of a mix between silver and gold.

It's super shimmery in real life and it's so much more beautiful than I expected it to be! In fact, out of all of them, this is the colour I want to put back on and wear as a full manicure!

Lastly is Stand By Your Manny. Don't you just love all these names?!

This is a light sky blue with lots of silver shimmer.

This formula was a bit meh.... The first coat was VERY sheer. The second coat was still a bit sheer, but once I applied the third coat I loved it.

I think it's a gorgeous colour and I'll definitely wear it again, but I have so many blues that have incredible formulas, this was just don't quite match up.

The silver shimmer, however, is very beautiful and makes this polish very unique.

The Modern Family collection came out AGES ago, but some colours are still available on Xtras.

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