Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dior Lili 121 Swatch & Review

I saw a swatch of Dior Lili by @beautyaddictedd on Instagram and I instantly had to have it. So.. I went out the very next day to my closest Dior stand and bought it. It was the last one!

I have never bought anything from Dior before, but something just clicked.

It cost £18.50 for 1 bottle of 10ml. It's pretty expensive... but I just got paid so I needed a little treat.

Is it worth £18.50? I don't know, but I do have to say it's amazing!

Lili is a stunning warm nude. It leans very peachy, but is still clearly a beige-y nude.

I think nudes are perfect for any occasion and any time of year. If I could only wear one colour category for the rest of my life, it would be nudes. They're classy, subtle and beautiful.

More info and swatches after the jump! 

The formula on this was fantastic. It's a very opaque formula.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

The first coat is very very slightly streaky, but the second coat just perfects it.

Dior polishes come with this flat wide brush. It's the perfect size for my nails and I could do one or two strokes and it would cover my whole nail. This minimises the streaks and really evens the application.

The top of the bottom of the brush is also slightly rounded, meaning it fits perfectly around the cuticle line without any issues. I didn't have to do any clean up!

Dry time was very quick. I swatched this in store to check the opacity and it dried before I'd paid for the polish!

It also dries extremely glossy. On the box it does claim to be a "couture nail colour, gel shine and long wear nail lacquer". It definitely shines like a gel polish! I'm not sure about the wear time, unfortunately I am unable to wear nail polish to work (other than the sneaky nude every now and then!).

Like I said before, I'm not sure this is worth the £18.50, especially because it holds 10ml, which is less than most nail varnishes.

However, the polish does have very high standards. It dries very quick and has an incredible shine. It only needs two coats for full opacity. The nail polish is buttery and super easy to apply. The brush is very easy and quick to use...

You can't really fault it!!

Would you splurge the £18.50 on a higher end nail polish?
xx Elaine

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