Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Shop Eighty4 Pastel Neon Collection Swatch and Review

I little while ago Shop Eighty4 posted a sneak peek preview of their new Pastel Neon collection and I instantly knew I had to have the entire collection....

So I bought the whole thing.


The collection consists of 8 polishes. As a set it costs $60, and individually they are $8.50.

Let me start off with talking about the formula. All eight of these polishes are super opaque. I used 2 coats for all of the colours, however 6/8 I could have gotten away with just one coat. They can be a little tricky to apply when you first use them. They dry incredibly quick, for each coat I only used 3 brush strokes to cover the whole nail. You can't over work the polish, if you do more than 3 brush strokes the nail polish that has dried (super quick!!) will drag and it'll become a hot streaky mess. Also try and get the perfect amount of polish on your brush, not too much and definitely not too little. I wipe one side of the brush completely and dab the other side, I'll have a small bead of nail polish on the brush, just enough to cover my nails. Another thing to be aware of is that polish runs down from the stem of the brush, so make sure to wipe that too.

Phew, all that out the way. Honestly once you get the hang of how quick drying these are you'll be away to get away with just one flawless coat on most polishes. If your first coat ends up being streaky, it's not an issues since the nail polish is so opaque a second coat will easily cover all that up.

The polishes dry with a matte finish so I applied a top coat.

More info and swatches after the jump!

I'll go through the rainbow so first up is First Date. This is the darker and cooler toned of the 2 pinks.

It is BRIGHT. It's like a pastel Barbie pink but neon. Does that make sense?!

I think this will make the perfect toe nail colour this summer. And this is the pink I've been using for all my gradients recently (on instagram!).

2 coats plus topcoat.

The second pink is called Cotton Candy.

This is slightly lighter and much more warm toned. But again, it's super bright!

This was a little more flattering on my skin tone and something I'd love to wear on my nails all summer.

2 coats plus topcoat.

The orange coral of the collection is called Creamsicle. This is a bright, orange pastel, pink toned neon.

I'm obviously great at describing these colours....

This is much brighter in real life than in the photo, unfortunately neons are known for freaking cameras out... especially pastel neons!

2 coats plus top coat.

Oh my god, this one.. is amazing. They're all amazing but this is the one that surprised me the most.

This is S.O.S. and if you're thinking of getting just one, get this one. It's so unique and SO flattering. It isn't often that I wear a yellow, but I want to wear this every single day.

It's a very warm toned almost peachy yellow. And it's BRIGHT! (No shocker there right?). This photo is definitely colour accurate, but imagine it even brighter.

This is one of 2 that actually required 2 coats for full opacity. Plus topcoat.

The second yellow is a very cool toned almost grass green yellow. This is more of the typical kind of highlighter yellow shade you see in neon collections, but much more pastel.

This is called Pale Leaf. I wouldn't wear this on its own as often as I would S.O.S., however I would choose this one for nail art over S.O.S. any day.

2 coats plus topcoat.

Next up is Candy Mint. Before I start... yes I did accidentally ruin my bottle.

Candy Mint and the next two had the best formula out of all of them. These were easy 1 coaters.

This is a very bright warm toned green. I always get confused about mints, to me they're blue greens, and this is much more pistachio... but who knows! It's beautiful in any case.

Green isn't a colour I'd wear on its own that often, but I might just have to make an exception for this one.

2 coats plus topcoat.
This is the first one I tried. I went to London for a day and needed something quick and easy to put on... I wore 1 coat of this out and about and it was perfect!

This one is called Powder Puff. It's a typical baby blue.. but BRIGHT neon! It's so incredibly bright and I love it!!

I've actually already worm this twice since I've had it.. that's crazy.

2 coats plus topcoat.

Last up is the incredibly beautiful Lasha Lavender.

This was also an easy one coater, although I used 2 for the swatch.

It's a warm toned bright neon pastel purple. The photo is colour accurate but just imagine in 50x brighter.

2 coats plus topcoat.

I'm blown away by this collection. All polishes have such an incredibly opaque formula. As long as you don't over work the polish they're super easy to work with. And they're BRIGHT! I'm seriously in love. I have used these for nail art a number of times, they're fantastic for gradients.

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  1. Hi Elaine!
    Awesome review! I've ordered these myself and will get mine next week. Can't wait! Loved your description of all the colours :) Will keep your tips in mind while using mine!