Thursday, 22 May 2014

OPI Brazil Collection - Part 1

The OPI Brazil collection is the only collection where I own every single nail polish! The Brazil collection came out for Spring/Summer of this year and in consists of 12 colours, 11 of which are creme finishes and one shimmery duo chrome. There is a great selection of colours which I feel ranges to all seasons. It's got brights, and neutrals so there is something for everyone!

First up is AmazON... AmazOFF. I feel like this is a popular favourite from the collection. OPI describes this to be a deep jungle green. It's a gorgeous dark green that leans slightly blue. It has some hidden shimmers, which made me a bit wary about buying it, but you can't really see them unless you're in direct sunlight and staring closely at your nails.

The formula is amazing, probably the best from the collection. It just glides onto the nail without any problems. It's a super opaque polish and is fully opaque in just two coats. It also has a really shiny finish. Perfect!

The second polish is I Just Can't Cope-Acabana. This is the perfect sunshine yellow. I have always read that yellow nail polish is a big no no, but I actually do like it. This is a bright pastel yellow. It isn't bright like a neon, but it isn't soft like a pastel either. It's the perfect in between colour.

The formula on this is great! Yellows are notorious for streakiness and just difficult to work with, but this only took two easy coats for full opacity. I think it looks beautiful on a sunny summers day, but will also work great with nail art!

The third nail polish is Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. It's a gorgeous creamy pink toned nude. I absolutely love colours like this, and this was the first nail polish that I bought from the collection. I came home, immediately tried it and immediately wanted to try the other neutral from the collection. I have a few other pink neutrals, but nothing quite like this one. I will have a OPI Brazil Collection Comparison post coming up with I'm home from my travels.

The formula was really easy to work with. Normally light shades like this can be really streaky and chalky and need a million coats, but this only needed two coats. The first coat was slightly streaky, but the second coat evened that out perfectly.

The fourth nail polish is Taupe-less Beach. This is my new favourite neutral by OPI. It's the perfect neutral that isn't too light but isn't too dark either. In some lights this colour looks grey, other slightly more brown, and in other it actually looks purple!

This formula was the easiest out of the whole collection. I applied two coats but if applied like butter, super smooth and easy and it's like it was applying itself. It has a really glossy finish.

The fifth nail polish is another neutral but slightly darker. This is I São Paulo Over There. It's much darker than the previous polish. It's a much more brown toned polish, but still has that hidden hint of purple. It looks very sophisticated and I have a feeling this will be the new You Don't Know Jacques.

I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over again. The formula was great, I used two coats for full opacity. It wasn't streaky and dried really quick. It has a beautiful shine on its own.

Finally the sixth polish and the final for part 1 is Next Stop... The Bikini Zone. This was the last one I bought from the collection, but I am so happy that I bought it!! It's a shimmery duo toned nail polish that goes from a taupe colour to a bright purple. It's so super shimmery and much better than I expected it to be. The duo chrome is also very apparent, you don't need to put your hands in awkward positions to be able to see the change.

The formula was really easy to work with. I used two coats, as you can see from the photos there is still a bit of visible nail line, but in real life it's a lot less apparent.

That's it for the first half of the swatches! The second half will have all the pinks and reds and oranges, but that'll only be posted when I'm back from my travels (start of june!)

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