Monday, 19 May 2014

ABC Challenge: F

I started this ABC challenge series on my instagram and really enjoyed it so I thought I'd blog about it too! Check out the rest of my ABC posts here.

F is for French Lavender by Kester Black. French Lavender came out as part of the Winter collection and I think it's the perfect colour for winter. It's a light muted purple. The formula was super easy, depending on how careful I am with application, I couldn't easy get away with just using one coat. For the swatch I used two. Look at the shine! 

For the nail art I was inspired by @lieve91 (on Instagram). I love landscape/scenery nails that create an image over 4 nails. I think this is such a cute one and the colours are so beautiful! I don't remember which exact colours I used, but I used a Barry M black nail art pen for the detail and a white Barry M nail art pen for the moon. 

I really like how this turned out, and will doing more things like this in the future! 

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