Friday, 9 May 2014

Kester Black Cherry Pie

As you all probably know by now... I love Kester Black. I really enjoyed swatching the colours for my haul a while ago so I thought I'd continue through my entire Kester Black collection! To view all Kester Black related posts (swatches and nail art) click here!

Kester Black Cherry Pie
This is Kester Black's Cherry Pie. I'm a bit meh with reds because I feel like they all look pretty similar, but my boyfriend loves red polishes (he only really likes the tradition colours... that doesn't stop me from wearing something crazy though!) So when we were in the shop looking at Kester Black nail polishes this is the one he pointed out. I obviously can't say no to that....

Kester Black Cherry Pie 1 coat

This is a bright, in your face, beautiful red. I feel with a lot of bright reds like this the formula is a little sheered and jelly-like, but this was so creamy and opaque!! The swatch to the right is only ONE coat. It's so glossy and opaque!

Kester Black Cherry Pie 2 coats

I did add a second coat to see if it would make any difference. The colour stayed the same but the glossiness became 100x better.

The formula was incredibly easy to work with. It was a one coater, no patchiness, bald spots or streakiness or anything. Just a dream polish with super shine.

Kester Black Cherry Pie

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