Monday, 20 April 2015

China Glaze Road Trip Collection Swatches & Review

I picked up 3 nail polishes from the Spring China Glaze Road Trip collection.

The collection consists of 12 polishes. I've heard some mixed reviews about the collection and wasn't planning on buying any, but these were too gorgeous to miss out on!

First up is Dashboard Dreamer.

I am in LOVE! I am obsessed with baby blues anyway, but not only is this a stunning pale baby blue, it has very delicate pink shimmer.

It's very difficult to photograph and it is more apparent in real life than in the photos but a very subtle effect.

Lot's of people have said it before, but it's such a cinderella shade!

I used 3 coats for the swatch.

I have read a lot of bad reviews about this formula and was a little worried to try it, but with 3 careful coats it was totally fine.

The second colour is Wanderlust.

I love that name.

This is another stunning pale lavender shade. It leans more purple than pink, but I don't think it's a full on purple.

It again has that gorgeous pink shimmer running throughout.

I used 3 coats for the swatch.

It has the same formula as Dashboard Dreamer where with 3 careful coats you're good to go.

Honestly, the formula wouldn't have made a difference for me, both of these colours are so beautiful I'd use them regardless of how many coats.

The third colour is Boho Blues.

I'm in LOVE with all three of these!!

I'd seen so many beautiful swatches of this colour that I just had to have it.

This is a light periwinkle blue, but it's much more blue toned than You're Such A Budapest by OPI.

I used 2 coats for the swatch.

It's a bit of a crelly formula so a little sheer on the first coat, but fully opaque on 2.

I'm obsessed.

I'm not the biggest fan of China Glaze nail polish. In fact I only owned 5 before I bought these! (Not counting the mini's I just reviewed as I bought them in the same order!). And these were my first non neons! But my collection is slowly growing.

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