Thursday, 16 April 2015

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Review: Like A Nude

Hi everyone, today I have one of the new Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing nail polishes to share with you. This is a brand new range of Barry M nail polishes that require a special daylight curing top coat. It claims to be long lasting and glossy like a gel polish, but instead of using a special UV lamp, it cures just by daylight.

More info and swatches after the jump!

The instructions say to apply 2 thin coats of colour and when that's fully dried apply a thin coat of the special daylight curing topcoat. Simple as that!

I bought two colours "Like A Nude" and "You Drive Me Navy". Today I'll just be writing about the nude polish.

I followed the instructions and applied 2 coats of polish (over a base coat). The formula is sheer which is actually perfect for me as I bought this to wear to work.

The first coat was very sheer and a little streaky. If you're careful with application one coat looks STUNNING.

Applying a second coat really builds up the opacity. You could still see my nail line, but nothing that bothered me. If you want it to be fully opaque I'd suggest 3 coats.

I took my time with application and made sure the coats were dry in between application. I felt like the nail polish was dry to the touch quite quick, but still easily dent-ible and very easy to mess up.

This range, again, comes with the flat wide brushes that we saw in the Speedy range. It covered my nail in just one stroke for very quick and easy application.

I then applied the topcoat. Again it has the flat wide brush so I only needed one stroke to cover my nails.

I applied the nail polish in my bedroom without any direct sunlight.

That's it... all done! Application was a breeze. The nail polish dried quickly (although I wasn't in a rush, so I didn't time it). Once it was dry it was rock solid. Time to get ready for work and see how long lasting this really is.

I work as a waitress so I'm constantly using my hands, washing my hands, using VERY drying chemicals to clean the tables and chairs and polishing a lot of cutlery. Typically at the end of my shift my nails look pretty bad... I usually wear a strengthening base coat to work and that even ends up chipping by the time I get home. I didn't really have high hopes for this.

Well... I was BLOWN AWAY. I worked a 4 hour shift and when I got home, my nails were still perfect! The photo is taken at about midnight just quickly on my phone after applying some moisturiser. You can still see how glossy it is, although the moisturiser did massively dull the shine.

There are absolutely no chips, on either of my hands! Seriously shocking.

I took another photo after 24 hours of wear. This was 1 shift as a waitress, a shower, cleaning a cat litter box, and doing dishes. Still no chips! I had one very small mark on my pointer finger on my right hand, but nothing that really bothered me.

Again, you can see how glossy the nail polish still is! It almost looks like I just applied it and took a picture...

I know that I only tested the nail polish for 24 hours, but nail polish (even if I'm not doing much) chips on my instantly. I've tried about 100 different top coats and nothing has every been as fantastic as this one. Like I said, my nails are massively chipped after working in the restaurant so to come home, not have any chips and still perfectly shiny nails is a miracle.

I hope Barry M comes out with more colours soon since the nude, red and navy are the only ones that I like. There is also a pink, a hot pink berry and a teal.

Will you be picking up any of the new Sunset Daylight Curing range?
xx Elaine

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