Saturday, 8 August 2015

What's Up Nails Watermarble Tool Review

It's summer and I've been obsessed with the Pipe Dream Polish Neons and water marbling. I always struggle with drawing a design in the water. I've used toothpicks and dotting tools and I could kind of create something, but I'd get more and more annoyed along the way.

I always though "naahhh I don't need the water marble tool from What's Up Nails...". Well... I did. I finally placed an order with them and the water marble tool was one of them.

Now, I can't stop marbling!

The tool is called the Pure Color 7 Watermarble Tool. What's Up Nails ships worldwide and the shipping was pretty quick.

The tip of the watermarble tool is shaped like a needle, but not quite as sharp! This way it's very easy drag the polish into a design. I made the floral loops design (whatever it's called!). Normally I'd have three little loops on my nails, but even on my pinky I have 4 loops! I have tons on my thumb!

The needle tip makes the application very precise.

The difference between using this tool and a regular needle is the grip. This has a large handle like any other nail art brush. It's very easy to hold and sits in your hand nicely, again for the most precision and a steady hand. It also has rubbery circles for extra grip.

After every dip in the water, I cleaned the needle with some nail polish remover.

I know my water marble still isn't perfect, but it's a thousand times better than it was.

I actually managed to do both hands without getting frustrated!

If you're thinking of getting the tool, but not too sure... you NEED it. Trust me!

xx Elaine

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