Sunday, 23 August 2015

'Ard As Nails Colour Shifting Polishes Swatch & Review

Hi everyone! Today I have some more 'Ard As Nails polishes to share with you! 'Ard As Nails is a brand new UK indie brand created by Soap Dodger, a handmade bath & body care shop. They've recently branched out into creating home fragrances and nail polishes! Check out my first review to see some of their gorrrrrgeous creme, jelly and holographic polishes!

The polishes I have today are part of the soon to be released Colour Shifting polishes. I don't think these have names yet so I'll be referring to them as their shifting colours. There are 4 polishes in this collection. They're very sheer polishes so need to be applied over a black base to make the colours pop and to get the most out of the shift.

As always I have LIVE SWATCHES of these on my YouTube channel.

First up is this super vibrant blue.

This is a multi chrome and reflects blue, purple and pink. As you can see it looks totally different in the bottle than on my nails and that's because of the black base.

I applied 2 coats over Ulta3 Black Satin.

The colour shift is seriously amazing.

I have a harder time to pick up the colour shift in my studio than I did in "real" lighting. When I was sitting downstairs editing my video I couldn't stop staring at my nails. One minute they look blue, the next they look pink.

The blue is incredibly vibrant. I think this would be a fantastic polish for the Autumn. It's still very bright for a multi chrome, but it has a little mystery and darkness to it.

If you check out my live swatches you'll see the polish in action.

Next is a yellow gold to fuchsia duo chrome.

Again I used 2 coats over Ulta3 Black Satin.

The shift in this polish is a little more apparent than the previous polish. For the blue/purple/pink multi chrome when you look at it directly from the front all you see is blue, whereas this one you can see fuchsia in the middle and gold around the edges.

This polish reminds me of Autumn leaves.

In England we don't get the super bright multi coloured trees, but when I lived in New Jersey the trees in Autumn would look like a painting with a hundred different colours.

This is something I'd love to wear around the start of Autumn, when the trees start changing colour, the leaves have fallen on the ground and it's time for pumpkins with EVERYTHING.... sometimes I wish I was back in America, the UK just doesn't go all out!

Anyway back to the polish! Again the colours are very vibrant, especially the fuchsia and the colour shift is much more obvious in "real" lighting than my studio.

Check out my youtube video to see the colour shift in action!

Check out Soap Dodger's website for all polishes. At the moment there are only creme polishes available (which have incredible formulas!!) but a few collections are in the making, including this colour shifting collection, holographics and maybe even some gorgeous bright neons!

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