Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kester Black Deep Violet & Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Kester Black Deep Violet
I briefly mentioned this nail polish in my nail polish tag post, but it's such a gorgeous colour I decided to dedicate a whole post for it. First of all Kester Black is an Australian Vegan Cruelty free brand that makes awesome nail polishes. They have a fantastic colour range that goes from nudes to neons and everything in between. If you follow my blog you'll know I'm obsessed with Kester Black and is tied with OPI as my favourite nail polish brand. This is Kester Black's Deep Violet.

Kester Black Deep Violet
I love deep pigmented rich colours in the autumn. I love them all year round, but in the Autumn I especially love them. This is quite a new one in my collection. I have been eyeing it online for the longest time, but because I'm travelling back to the UK soon, I've had to put a huge hold on my nail polishing buying. Well... I bought it anyway. Along with Max Factors Fantasy Fire. Oops. In my defence Kester Black is only available in Australia and the Max Factor is a teeny tiny little bottle.

This colour is even more incredible that I thought it would be. It's a one coater. In the photo you can see a teeny bit of patchiness, but in real life that's not there I promise. It's such a gorgeous deep violet. lol that's the name.

Kester Black Deep Violet

Anyway it's so stunning and I don't have anything like it in my collection. I own Barry M's Plum, which is another very dark purple. I don't have it here with me at the moment so I can't do a side by side comparison, but I feel the Kester Black is lighter and more pink toned, whereas Plum is a lot darker and more blue toned. Both are one coaters though and are super shiny.

When I get back to the UK I can do a comparison!

Kester Black Deep Violet & Max Factor Fantasy Fire
I decided to layer Max Factors Fantasy Fire over Deep Violet. It just completely transforms!! Fantasy Fire is quite a sheer nail polish so I would recommend layering it over another colour. It layers perfectly over Kester Black's Deep Violet, but I also layered it over OPI's I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw and that looked stunning too.

Kester Black Deep Violet & Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Fantasy Fire is a multi chrome nail polish that shifts between purple blue and pink. It's a dupe for Clarins 230, which was an incredibly popular shade but has been discontinued. After a quick eBay search, Clarins 230 is listed for $75-$154 (Australian Dollar).  This tiny little bottle is $6, which is obviously cheap compared to Clarins 230, but still pretty pricey for such a small bottle! Totally worth it though.

I layered one coat of Fantasy Fire over Deep Violet.

I couldn't stop taking photos of it! These photos only really show the pink of the polish, that's the most dominant colour. In the photo with flash you see a lot more of the blue tones coming through. In real life it's a thousand times more beautiful and I just couldn't stop looking.

Flash - Day Light

ester Black Deep Violet & Max Factor Fantasy Fire

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