Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly is part of the new-ish Triple Shine range. I've never been a big fan of sally hansen, but this range has come out with some beautiful glitters. I, again, have never really liked chunky glitter polishes but I'm actually starting to like them more and more.

I saw this beautiful nail polish in the store a while ago and bought it immediately. It looks like this gorgeous blue/silver chunky glitter in a clear base. Well… I was wrong. It's a silver chunky glitter in a very very sheer blue base. I painted my nails with a white base so the blue chunky glitter would really pop, my whole nail was covered in a blue jelly! So much for white nails, which are a pain to get streak free!!

After the initial shock of it all, I continued the application. The swatch looks really nice. It's a gorgeous light blue with larger silver hexagon bits of glitter and teeny tiny silver ones.

I'm not really too sure about the polish. It looked great in the bottle, and I do think it looks good in the swatch, but it's not what I expected at all! I'm looking for a chunky glitter that can be layered over any colour, whereas this is pretty limited to blues and whites (which turn blue anyway!). It also can't be used on it's own as the blue jelly is so sheer you'll never get it fully opaque and looking good.

Finally I wasn't a huge fan of the packaging and application of it. The bottles look nice, but you're not getting much. This bottle has 10ml, and the OPI next to it has 15ml. The cap of the Sally Hansen is similar to a Butter London cap, where you pull it off and then see a twist top.

The brush is a very thick brush. I'm a big fan of brushes like that since it's makes application super easy. It nicely spread along my nail. However the brush holder is just as thick as the opening of the nail polish bottle, which makes it pretty difficult to slide polish off the brush.

I also didn't have any problem with the glitter density, no was no glitter placement whatsoever. I just dragged the brush along my nail and tons of the small glitter came onto it. I didn't get as much of the larger glitters, but I did have a few on each nail. The jelly itself was a little more difficult. The first coat ended up being a bit uneven and streaky - which was enhanced because of the white base - so I ended up with two coats of it. A total of 1 base coat, 2 white coats and 2 glitter coats. Not an excessive amount of nail polish, but after waiting a full 30 minutes, the polish still wasn't completely dry and I could easily make dents in it. As a triple shine formula I assumed you didn't need another top coat over it….

Anyway, overall it's OK. It looks really pretty, but isn't versatile. I unfortunately don't like it enough to keep it so it'll go in my unwanted pile. I'm not sure whether that's just gonna get thrown out or whether I'll have a giveaway.

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