Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kester Black Haul

Kester Black Tropicana Launch Party
If you've read my blog before you'll know that I absolutely love Kester Black. It's a 5 free, cruelty free, vegan Australian nail polish brand created by Anna Ross. I was first introduced to the brand on Instagram and soon after I was able to review her new Tropicana Spring/Summer collection. I was invited to their nail polish launch party, which was both for the Tropicana collection as well as the Kester Black and Trophy Wife collaboration. The photo to the right shows the two collaboration nail polishes: Gold Digger and Alimony.

Ever since then I've been loving the brand. The nail polishes are such high quality and extremely pigmented. There is a fantastic colour range from cremes in every colour of the rainbow, to rainbow holographic glitters!

Now on to the haul... I ordered 4 nail polishes from Kester Black. At the moment she's got a special Mothers Day offer where you can order 3 nail polishes for $45 instead of $17 each. I also bought a fourth nail polish because I love them so much! I placed my order on Easter sunday and received it Wednesday. Super quick shipping especially with the bank holiday on Monday!

Kester Black Packaging
The packaging is great, it was all wrapped in cute holographic paper and in special Kester Black boxes. I was shocked when I received 5 nail polishes!!! I emailed Anna a few days before about a colour she used to have in her shop called Ice Cream Soda, she told me she might have a couple left and she might put them on her website. Unfortunately I had to place my order before she had put it on her website because I'm leaving in less than a week! When I opened the boxes... there it was!! I had been searching for the colour the day before in Melbourne CBD and South Melbourne but couldn't find it anywhere. I'm so incredibly thankful, Anna is the sweetest!

Fairy Floss, Blueberry Tart, Alimony, Ice Cream Soda, Lilac
The other nail polishes I ordered were Fairy Floss, Blueberry Tart, Alimony and Lilac. It looks very spring doesn't it? The whole reason for the order was to buy Blueberry Tart. It's such a gorgeous light blue, not quite baby blue. I've also always wanted Alimony (part of the Trophy Wife Collection) as I bought Gold Digger at the launch party. I'm obsessed with purples and own every other purple by Kester Black so when Lilac came out for the winter collection I knew I had to have that too! And finally fairy floss because I'd seen the most beautiful swatches of that colour!

Fairy Floss, Blueberry Tart, Alimony, Ice Cream Soda, Lilac by Kester Black
I'm really excited to try these all out! I don't know where to start!!

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