Sunday, 13 April 2014

OPI Koala Bear-y

OPI Koala Bear-y
Last up from my eBay OPI Haul is Koala Bear-y. Koala Bear-y was part of the Australia Collection way back in 2007, but I believe it's now part of the core collections as you can just buy it in David Jones. It's a berry toned pink, in between a hot pink and a plum.

I always kind of liked Koala Bear-y, but was a bit meh about it. Until.... I saw my first Koala. I went on a holiday to the Great Ocean Road when my parent's visited me in Australia and we saw our first ever wild Koala. It was awesome.

OPI Koala Bear-y

The formula on this is AMAZING. It isn't often that I put that in full caps. It's nearly a one coater, there isn't any streakiness or bald spots. It's just beautiful. I always apply two coats of polish, but this could definitely be a one coater. I wish every nail polish was like this, just a dream to apply. I didn't have to do any clean up in these photos, this is exactly how it applied.

OPI Koala-Bear-y

The colour is stunning too. The reason I was always a bit on the fence about it is because it isn't the most unique colour. I have a lot of hot pinks, but I didn't actually have anything like this. It's darker and a little more red toned than an ordinary hot pink shade.

OPI Miami Beet, OPI Koala Bear-y
The only shade that's similar is OPI's Miami Beet, the polish on the left in the photo to the right. As you can see it's quite a bit darker and a more red toned pink. More of a raspberry shade and couldn't be mistaken for a hot pink, whereas Koala Bear-y can.

OPI Koala Bear-y

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